"Health and Recreation Resort"

There are times when a desire to take a little getaway from the city is overwhelming! To escape from the concrete, cars, and chronic fatigue as far as possible and to have a proper rest at last! Back to nature, you decide, and go to the nearest overcrowded park. A rather dubious delight. We invite you to an entirely different place. Even in such an industrial city as Zaporozhye one can enjoy strolling along the neat Dnieper slopes, as well as a qualitative treatment and good food.

Health and Recreation Resort of Zaporozhye Titanium & Magnesium Combine is situated on the territory of National Nature Reserve Khortitsa, on picturesque banks of the Dnieper River. Unforgettable historical sceneries and clean air drawn on unique steppe herbs contribute to a qualitative treatment and recreation.

The resort is available for a complete three-week rehabilitation course, as well as for a weekend rest. The short-term accommodation service for visiting guests is an excellent alternative to city hotels. Modern double rooms with every convenience, as well as enhanced comfort suites satisfy requirements of the most exacting guests, and the location on the river bank contribute to effective health improvement.

Amongst the important factors of the therapeutic process is a proper high-caloric nutrition four times a day adjusted for required diets. Fresh air and comfortable dining hall favor good digestion.

The resort offers a wide range of health and recreation procedures for treatment of diseases of locomotor apparatus, peripheral nervous system, digestive apparatus, metabolic imbalance, cardiovascular, respiratory, and endocrine disorders. An important factor of the treatment is a complex herbal therapy using ecologically pure components.

Treatment and health improvement are implemented in view of the newest advances in medicine with the help of modern equipment and traditional time-proved techniques. Our spa hydrotherapy will fix you up in no time: Charcot's and circular douche, underwater massage, mineral, balmy, bischofite, coniferous, and other kinds of baths. Physical therapy will help you to recover your strength and improve your health.

Salt Therapy, a kind of treatment by breathing air saturated with microscopic salt crystals; hydrocolonotherapy, a deep body clearing of chemical waste; thermo- and heliotherapy; ultra-high frequency therapy; electrophoresis; ultrasonic inhalation – all of this high-efficiency procedures are included in individually developed health improvement programs. A stationary procedure room, qualified massage, and a dental room with modern equipment are at your disposal as well. The Health and Recreation Resort has a therapeutic physical training room with a gym complex. Climate therapy in the form of aero- and thalassotherapy is widely used. We have dosed healing walking routes (health paths) in our park area. In the time free from treatment you can enjoy a comfortable beach.

We look forward to seeing you!

Health and Recreation Resort Address:

Stary Dnepr, Khortitsa Island

Zaporozhye, 69600, Ukraine

Telephone: 286-54-89, 286-54-56.