Enterprises of the Holding Company Titanium of Ukraine Met to Discuss Unification of Social Standards

It was decided to develop and implement an Integrated Programme of Social Development of Enterprises of Titanium Industry of Ukraine up to 2018. The meeting took place at RE Zaporozhye Titanium & Magnesium Combine under the chairmanship of General Manager of SHC Aleksandr Nechaev.

In order to ensure high social standards at all enterprises, it is decided to unify basic provisions of collective agreements that are made between workers and managements. As Aleksandr Nechaev noticed the management of PJSC SHC Titanium of Ukraine undertakes to render a comprehensive legal and consultative assistance for implementation of this laborious task.

Also in view of the results of the meeting, fundamental decisions were made as to the further development of a range of facilities of the social sphere. Attention was drawn to the necessity to audit medical equipment that is on the balance sheets of the Enterprises in order to estimate the necessity to purchase new equipment or replace (retrofit) the old one.

“We face an important task to lead the social standards that are in effect at our Enterprises to the high level acknowledged in Europe and the world,” Aleksandr Nechaev, General Manager of Titanium of Ukraine Holding Company, defined the objectives. A working individual is in the focus of attention. We, as employers, are obliged to ensure the conditions to our employees that would encourage them to work better, to go to work with pleasure every day. Social sphere is closely interwoven with the production one. At the present time a long-term programme of Ukrainian titanium industry development for 2012-2030 is approved, that is why today it is necessary to work out a similar systematic comprehensive programme of social development of domestic titanium industry enterprises, fill it with currently central, effective, and feasible activities. That is why social and stuffing services of the Enterprises together with trade union committees are to unite their efforts and join in the process of its development and the following defense.

Meeting participants – representatives of PJSC Crimean Titanium, JSC Sumykhimprom, Branch Companies Irshansky Mining and Processing Complex and Volnogorsky Mining and Smelting Combine, as well as RE ZTMC supported the idea. Having shared the experience of social work organization, achievements and practices in social sphere at their enterprises, the participants of the meeting came to a conclusion that it is necessary to introduce an integrated system of manpower training with involvement of prestigious training establishments, including National Polytechnic University of Kiev, and to organize a systematic work with personnel reserve. Special attention was paid to the matters of stuff training at the enterprises, to the necessity to develop and extend our own educational materials, update them, and lead them to the level of modern requirements. Also different social and economical incentives for attraction of top-ranked young specialists to the enterprises were discussed.

“This significant meeting which took place at our Enterprise is a call of the times. At present the bar for social development ensuring is set high, and we have to organize our work on the proper level,” Vladimir Sivak, General Manager of RE ZTMC, noticed. “Our Combine has entered the phase of active technical transformations: Combine Technical Development Programme has been successfully endorsed and approved by the field-specific ministry. At present a great work is conducted for the reconstruction and re-equipment. The work is conducted along with the continuous production process, which requires a high level of responsibility and appropriate high qualification form the workers. That is why today we pay special attention to the human factor. This is the main secret of our production success – we have managed, in the shortest time possible, to reach the pre-crisis production level. And the decisions made at the meeting will further successful implementation of our plans in social development of working collectives.”

Organization of more effective health improvement of workers, their cultural and sporting leisure-time activities, in the eyes of the participants of the meeting, will need special attention. And it refers, in the first place, to family activities which favour effective strengthening of corporate spirit. In particular, in the first decade of September 2012, it is decided to conduct an amateur performances festival for the enterprises of the Holding Company hosted by PJSC Crimean Titanium, in which representatives of all the enterprises and PJSC Crimean Soda Plant will take part. And at the Branch Company Irshansky Mining and Processing Complex in the next year a sport event Spartakiada will take place, in which sport teams of all the enterprises will participate. Besides, the enterprises will join their efforts in the organization of the health improvement campaign: representatives of working collectives and members of their families will be able to make use of services of health resorts that belong to partners of the Holding Company.