Increase of wages of ZTMC employees - on the Threshold of Combine’s Anniversary

This decision was made by the management and the trade union of the Combine in order to improve financial welfare of ZTMC employees and with account for financial possibilities of the Enterprise. Joint resolution of ZTMC management and trade union committee On Increase of Wages for the Employees of the Combine is dated November 29, 2011.

In accordance with the document one-hour base wage rate of a worker of the first category with standard working conditions (except Severodonetsk Chemical and Metallurgical Plant workers) is determined at the rate of 1,300 UAH per month with preservation of inter-category coefficients, as per clause 4.3.4 of the Collective Agreement 2011.

The decision to increase wages ensured that the Combine implements the requirements of the Ukrainian Mining and Smelting Complex Industry Agreement between owners (employers) of enterprises, establishments, organizations of the industry and the trade union of metallurgy and mineral resource industry of Ukraine.