ZTMC Art and Craftwork Exhibition is Opened!

On September 26 employees of ZTMC visited opening of the exhibition of art and craftworks made by creative workers of ZTMC. This event is held in order to discover creative potential of the employees, as well as for skill sharing and encouraging new creative talents.

By holding the Exhibition the Youth Council of the Combine seeks to show the employees of the Enterprise that works of art can be created not only by famous artists. Everyone can develop creative abilities, regardless of age and activity. It is pleasant to notice that not only workers of ZTMC took an interest in the event. The exhibition was visited by General Manager of the Combine Vladimir Sivak, Deputy General Manager for Staffing Service and Social Development Nikolay Zhygunov, and Chairperson of ZTMC Trade-Union Committee Ludmila Logvinova.

Visitors admired the works of employees of Workshops 2, 7, 14, 15, 17, 20, 67 and Quality Control Department. A lot of artworks were presented by Labour Veteran Counsel, workshop 11, and Combine Office. Glass beads articles, embroidery, photos, paintings, and even boat models – these are only a few kinds of art represented.

Please, remember that the art and craftwork exhibition will be opened for one more week – till the 7th of October. The display is arranged at the clockhouse. Don’t pass by!