Family Sport Festival!

On the 24th of September ZTMC workers took part in a family sport festival “Together we stand, together we fall, together we're winners, and winners take all” arranged with the assistance of the management and the trade-union of the Combine. Such an event is held by ZTMC for the first time. Teams of Workshops 2, 7, 10, 11, 17, 19, 20, Quality Control Department, and Combine Office took part in the event. While competing in various contests and relay races our workers, their husbands, wives, and children showed not only dexterity and speed, but also a sense of humor.

Combine workers were so fast and able, that the judges had difficulty in deciding winners of some contests. Each team aspired to become the best given that sponsor prepared valuable prizes for winners. No one was bored at the festival, everyone had a tremendous time. Even the audience didn’t just sit on the sidelines, they were involved in an exciting quiz game. While the teams were competing, the audience not only cheered co-workers on, but also had specially prepared bright banners with encouraging inscriptions.

And now, the exiting moment of deciding the winners has come. Having deliberated the judges reached a verdict: the third place goes to the office team consisting of general manager assistant Anatoly Matvienko, his spouse Ludmila, and daughter Nastya, the second place goes to the workshop 2 team that consists of shop foreman Vladimir Groma, his wife Natalya, and their daughter Dasha, and the first place is won by the workshop 20 team made up of laboratory assistant Svetlana Tkachenko, her husband Aleksey, and daughter Sofia. We congratulate all our winners! Each prize-winner was awarded by present – household appliances.

On the Saturday everyone had fun: even those who were not among the winners received incentive prizes – office stationary sets, diplomas, cheerful mood, and smiles of their co-workers. The youngest participant of the competition – six-years-old Lisa Adgeeva, was also awarded by a diploma. At the end of the contest all children were treated with sweets and adults had time to share impressions.

The stands were decorated with a banner bearing an inscription: family together, soul at peace. And that is really so, this time a good support team gathered from workshops 17, 19, 20. The audience consisted of different people: friends, relatives, heads of shop committees came to encourage the competitors. It is nice that at last ZTMC employees, as in former times, become a united team, a family. Of course, the festival wouldn’t succeed without the efforts of the specialist for physical culture and sport development Sergey Storozhenko and those who supported him – General Manager Vladimir Sivak and Chairperson of ZTMC Trade-Union Committee Ludmila Logvinova.

And those who wanted to take part in the competitions, but, for any reason, couldn’t – venture! Because this is the first sport event arranged at our Enterprise which, we hope, will become a good tradition. Looking back at this event we would like to say: boredom has to become a thing of the past. Work together, have a good time together! – This is the kind of motto we need!