ZTMC Workers Joined To the Movement "We remember"

Workers of the Combine “We remember” devoted to the 70th anniversary of the heroic defense of Zaporozhye and evacuation of the Enterprise in the time of Great Patriotic War.

Near the memorial complex in front of the control post, a meeting-requiem took place to honour heroic workers of the Combine. Employees of ZTMC, veterans, representatives of ZTMC management and trade-union committee, city officials took part in the meeting.

Workers of ZTMC picked up the torch of memory from Zaporozhye Automobile Plant, former Kommunar plant. Carry-over Red Banner and the album The Memory Still Lingers On became peculiar symbols of that. In the course of the movement the pages of the album collect information about feats of arms and labour of Zaporozhye citizens during the defense of the city and evacuation of Zaporozhye industry in the rear of the country. ZTMC, as well as other enterprises of Zaporozhye that take part in the movement, will add its history connected with the events of that heroic years. Workers of ZTMC have handed the Carry-over Red Banner to the representatives of Zaporozhye By-Product Coke Plant.

We would remind that the movement We Remember is devoted to the 70th anniversary of the city defense. Eleven enterprises of Zaporozhye take place in this event. Closing meeting of the movement We Remember will take place on the 29th of September in the Palace of Culture Metallurgov. Memory book and the data collected will be passed to Zaporozhye Local History Museum.