ZTMC Indoor Soccer Team among Prize Winners!

Having taken part in the indoor soccer match which was held as part of a sport competition between workers of metallurgical and mining industry of Zaporozhye, ZTMC team has won the high second place in the rating of the subgroup of enterprises with less than 5 thousand employees.

As is reported by the specialist for physical training and sport development Sergey Storozhenko, by certain reasons (the enterprises face hard times) Zaporozhye Aluminium Combine and Zaporozhye Ferroalloy Plant didn’t put forward their teams to the match.

Moreover, our team, led by the capitan Andrey Pestov, workshop 7, faced serious championship matches. Teams of Ukrgraphite, Zaporozhye Iron Ore Combine, Zaporozhogneupor bacame its rivals.

Matches took place in the Sports Complex Dinamo. Colleagues, faithful supporters, came to cheer our players. In the public eye, ZTMC players showed their best and beat Ukrgraphite team hollow with a score of 3 goals to nil in the first match. Yevgeniy Dynkov, Andrey Vetoshkin, and Aleksandr Kryazhenko distinguished themselves in the match.

After such a successful beginning the team had to strain itself during the match with Zaporozhye Iron Ore Combine. The rivals tried to play on our half of the field. The temperature was at its pitch when the rival team scored their first goal. Fortunately, it was their last one and our players indemnified their supporters’ stress in full by scoring three goals. ZTMC team won with a score 3 to 1. Unfortunately, our team got the victory at a heavy cost. One of the leading players received the red card and one more player was injured, which became the reason that our team could not play in full force any more.

In the match against Zaporozhogneupor our team hold on like grim death. But the two goals made by the rival separated our team from the cherished first place. Our team has lost this game with a score of 2 goals to nil.

– We learnt our lesson, – Sergey Storozhenko, our team’s coach, gave a summary of the contest. – But we are not going to be satisfied with what has already been achieved. We will prepare thoroughly for next matches, consider and correct our mistakes made in this game. I am sure that with such great players that work at our Combine we will achieve success.