Pre-Crisis Level of Titanium Sponge Production – 850 Tones – Is Reached!

As usual, ZTMC celebrates the 20th Anniversary of Independence of Ukraine with high production performance. As had been planned earlier we managed to increase the production of titanium sponge up to the level of the pre-crisis period – 850 tones per month.

Under the present financial, economic, and technological conditions this is an undeniable success. At the same time, as noted by General Manager of the Combine, Vladimir Sivak, at the meeting on ensuring further production of titanium sponge not less than 850 tones per month, this is only another stage of ZTMC development. At this meeting fundamental decisions concerning the issues vital for the Combine and its further work were made. Provision of the production with sufficient volume of inventories and stockpiling of the required reserve of inventories, as well as close adherence to the approved schedules of main manufacturing equipment overhaul were discussed.

General Manager of the Combine, Vladimir Sivak, gave special attention to the matter of diversification of manufactured products. Particularly, Chief Engineer, Vladimir Korolkov, and his Deputy, Sergey Davydov, were assigned a task to implement engineering activities to resume operating capability of our electron-beam unit that produces titanium sponge ingots in demand. Vladimir Sivak also gave special attention to the matter of necessity to develop the technology of competitive ferrotitanium production

Vladimir Sivak considers decrease of titanium sponge production cost to be a guarantee of further successful manufacturing, financial, and economic activities of the Combine. General Manager advised to give special attention to actions seeking to save energy and human resources.

General Manager of the Combine, Vladimir Sivak, considers effective stuff training at the production to be one of the most important factors that further successful solving of the assigned tasks. Deputy General Manager for Staffing Service and Social Development, Nikolay Zhygunov, was given a task to develop and implement a Competent Personnel Training Programme for eagerly sought, highly scarce jobs at the Combine, as well as to arrange education of combine personnel, and training and additional training of specialists to work at certain stages of production.

 “ZTMC employees have ambitious plans,” Vladimir Sivak emphasized. “And we have a potential for successful implementation of them!”