Work of Veteran Council Is Recognized As Satisfactory

The 4th Report-and-Election Conference of ZTMC primary veteran organization has taken place. In the course of the four years that passed after the previous conference, significant changes have taken place in the veteran movement and in the Council itself, as well as events that have positively affected the work of Veteran organizations of all levels.

Chairperson of Combine Veteran Council, Eleonora Muravyova, spoke to veterans and guests of the Conference. She gave an account of Council activity in the reporting period having mentioned positive points: council members, social committee, and volunteers have done great work specifying lists of single, disabled and seriously ill veterans while replacing veteran certificates. With the help of couriers-volunteers connection with single and ill veterans that live in distant districts of the city or neighboring villages is fulfilled as usual. The Council building is renovated and equipped with computers. Cultural events for veterans continue to be held; monthly financial support is timely paid. But there are complaints on scarcity of reduced-fare sanitarium vouchers, insufficient fund allocation for expensive treatment of those in need, and other issues.

Chairperson of Auditing Committee, Ivan Myslivets; Deputy Chairperson of Combine Veteran Council, Olga Timofeeva; veteran of the Workshop 18 – volunteer, Georgy Doroshenko; veteran of the Combine Office, Valentina Sergeeva; veteran of the Workshop 10, Alexandr Kudykin; Chairperson of Social and Community Committee of the City Veteran Council, Maria Shvets also spoke at the Conference. Then the floor was given to the guests of the event – Acting Deputy General Manager for Staffing Service and Social Development, Victor Odintsov, and Chairperson of ZTMC Trade-Union Committee, Ludmila Logvinova, who gave a brief statement of the state of affairs at the Enterprise. And veteran of the Combine, Ludmila Chekushyna, recited a poem dedicated to Eleonora Muravyova in return for her service for the benefit of veterans.

Having listened to the speakers the Report-and-Election Conference of ZTMC Veteran Organization has resolved: to recognize the work of veteran council as satisfactory; Veteran Council and Social and Community Committee to proceed with the work on social protection of veterans of the Combine. It is necessary to assure orderliness in veteran documents keeping for Workshops 8, 14, and children sector, to establish connection of volunteers with the veterans of the workshops mentioned, to decide the issue with purchasing of tables and chairs in order to ensure normal conditions of work with veterans, etc. Attention also should be paid to concrete activities aimed for education of youth in the best patriotic traditions of the older generation.

When the Resolution had been read out, Chairperson of Combine Veteran Council was elected. On the voting results, Eleonora Muravyova once again occupied this post.