Business Trip to China

To the Celestial Empire after Production Innovations and – Extraordinary Discoveries

Having come back from China which he visited as a member of an official delegation of ZTMC and Titanium Institute specialists, Chief Engineer, Vladimir Korolkov, shared his observations of the state-of-the-art titanium production experience and everyday life in an amazing country, once named the Celestial Empire.

Efficiency and Ecology

Chinese technology of titanium production with the use of bipolar electrolytic cells, which is planned to be introduced in our Enterprise, is at present among the most advanced ones. China itself just masters it. The Enterprise we visited is only two years old. This technology is also just introduced and will be improved in the future. But even today it gives tangible results. One of its advantages is efficiency: a substantially larger volume of output is produced with considerably low power inputs. This leads to tangible cost saving. But the main thing is that it makes it possible to minimize pollutant emissions.

Our scientists highly estimated the technology, which was also corroborated by the specialists of Titanium Institute. Evaluating our potential for introduction of this new technology I believe that many years’ experience of our experts with the support of the employees of Research and Development Institute of Titanium will make it possible to introduce the know-how with much better results than in China.  

Negotiations – From Dawn Till Dusk

Over the short period of staying in China our delegation was to do a great volume of work – to coordinate crucial issues on ensuring effective introduction of the advanced bipolar technology at our Enterprise: supply of key assemblies of electrolytic cells, equipment installation, setup, and commissioning, training of the personnel to work in the new conditions; and solve law and financial issues, ensure indispensable guarantees.

At first we considered our trip as a fortunate combination of work – acquisition of new technology for our Enterprise, with pleasure – acquaintance with cultural life of China. But later on our arrival it turned out that we had to drown ourselves in work – the negotiations lasted almost round-the-clock, we left the negotiations room only to have a snack. We had to work in such manner practically the whole time in China.

Scorpions? – Easy!

Still we managed to enjoy the exotic Chinese culture, though we had to carve out time for this. We were greatly impressed by the wonderful theater, exotic architecture, nature, and national cuisine. We had the luck to visit performances of local actors, dancers, and musicians. A dance with masks performed by a Chinese actor was indeed a unique piece of national choreography. China amazed us by considerable constructions and architectural forms. We admired the nature and rational utilization of it.

We were realy stricken by the Chinese cuisine. Rather ceremonious in everything the Chinese deal shortly with food. They consider food everything that provides sufficient amount of nutrients and calories. We were treated to various speciality dishes seeming to be made of all possible kinds of insects and seasoned with a fair amount of spices. I even tried fried scorpions. They tasted like our cracklings.

In general China produced an impression of a country with very hard-working people, ancient history that is carefully preserved notwithstanding the onrush of industry.