All Social Welfare Provisions of the Collective Agreement Are Implemented In Full

All Social Welfare Provisions of the Collective Agreement Are Implemented In Full.

At the open meeting of the Trade-Union Committee of the Combine the implementation of Collective Agreement Provisions for the first six months of 2011 was summarized. Deputy General Manager for Staffing Service and Social Development, Nikolay Zhygunov, informed those present about the course of implementation of the Collective Agreement between the employees and the management of SE ZTMC. The Collective Agreement consists of 193 clauses. All the clauses are generally implemented.

Due to the development of manufacturing processes and implementation of equipment overhaul, production of titanium sponge of higher grades is increased up to 76.46%. Volume of titanium sponge produced in the first six month of 2011 is 4 326.562 MT, that is 707.29 MT up on the same period of 2010. Titanium sponge production of the second six month of the 2011 approached the one of the pre-crisis period in 2008. Volume of finished product sold is 58.6% up on the same period of 2010.

All the clauses of the section “Employment security, guarantees to the employees in the case of change in production organization” are implemented. In the course of the 1st six month of 2011 training of 519 workers and 86 managers and specialists have been implemented. 154 workers are employed.

All the clauses of the section “Remuneration of labour and quota setting” are also implemented. Since the 1st of July 2011 wages of the combine employees have been increased and become 2913.32 UAH at the main enterprise, the increase is 32.9% up on June 2010.

All the clauses of the section “Labor relationship, work-and-rest routine” are implemented in the 1st six month of 2011. In accordance with the section “Conditions of labour protection and safety” 5 out of 6 measures that were included to the Collective Agreement are implemented and 1 measure – repair of the coal storehouse ceiling, is postponed to the 4th quarter 2011. Labour conditions in all the structural units of the Combine were inspected by specially set up committees.

Workers of core specialities of the workshops 2, 7, 10 (workers of foundry special area, blacksmiths of boiler and welding division, and heat-treaters of tool division) are supplied with soda water in bottles and tea. All the employees of the Combine undergo preliminary medical inspection when employed and periodic medical inspection in the course of working activity. In 2011, 1381 employees, including 508 women, at hard work, in unhealthy and hazard condition were examined in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Public Health No.246.

All the employees of the Combine are provided with working clothes, working footwear, and other personal protection means in accordance with industry standards and agreements. Working clothes are washed, dry-cleaned and mended by the workshop 19. Working clothes and working footwear prematurely damaged through no fault of a worker are substituted at no charge. Personal service rooms in production divisions are kept in accordance with the requirements of the sanitary code and hygiene rules.

Combine workers receive milk in accordance with the trades list included to the Collective Agreement 2011. Soap and washing materials are given out in accordance with the list of trades.

In the course of 2011 within the framework of implementation of the Section “Social benefits and guaranties, social insurance, health improvement and recreation of employees” the management of the Combine transferred money for cultural activities, physical training, and health improvement timely and in full volume. 225 workers, including 50 veterans of Great Patriotic War, have visited the Health and Recreation Resort.

395 workers have visited recreation facility Energodar in the urban-type settlement Kirilovka. 117 children of combine workers improved their health in the Children’s Camp Sokol. The commitments of the management to Veteran Counsel are implemented in full. 5 thousand UAH are monthly transferred to Trade-Union Committee settlement account in order a material assistance to non-working pensioners to be rendered. On the occasion of the Victory Day, material assistance at the rate of 100 UAH was rendered to Great Patriotic War veterans. A festive evening was arranged for the veterans in the Palace of Culture Titan. In May a reduced fare visit to the Health and Recreation Resort was arranged for 50 veterans of Great Patriotic War.