Keep Abreast Of Titanium Technologies

For the purpose of more effective implementation of works and production objectives as well as for thorough control of manufacturing processes, raw materials and materials, intermediate and finished products at our enterprise, it is necessary to know the process of titanium production and its specific features.

In order to prevent isolation of managing, supervising and supplying services of the Combine form production activity and its essential needs Personnel and Training Department together with Technological Bureau of Production and Technical Department arranged a get-to-know tour of the titanium manufacturing line for the personnel of the Workshop 30 on July 22. The goal of the event was to introduce the personnel of the Combine Office to the basic principles of titanium manufacturing process at ZTMC.

Almost all the departments and services of the Combine were willing to listen to a lecture on the fundamentals of titanium manufacturing and to walk the areas of its production and see everything with their own eyes. Heads of the departments, readily and understanding the importance of the event, sent their subordinates to the training complex and some of them got around to taking part in the training themselves. But as this kind of training is more effective in small groups the first group consisted only of twenty excursionists.

Osipenko Aleksandr, lead engineer-technologist of Technological Bureau of Production and Technical Department, was entrusted to deliver the introductory lecture on the fundamentals of titanium sponge manufacturing process and familiarize the excursionists with production visiting the production areas. Despite of uncomfortable climatic conditions (high temperature in the workshops as well as outdoors) the excursionists walked the entire manufacturing route starting from the raw material (ilmenite concentrate) area up to the finished product (titanium sponge) area, trying to grasp minutest details of the production with sincere interest.

Enrichment of the Combine Office employees with such knowledge is sure to yield harmony, cohesion and technological effectiveness in the cooperation of the combine’s structural divisions when solving sometimes rather knotty manufacturing issues. Effectiveness of such events is clear, that is why the experience of get-to-know tour practices for the Combine personnel is adopted by personnel officers of our Combine and will be used in future.

Lead Engineer-Technologist of Technological Bureau of Production and Technical Department Osipenko Aleksandr