Song and Dance Festival

Meeting of Enterprises of Titanium Holding Company and Amateur Arts Festival arranged by the State Holding Company Titanium of Ukraine took place in Armyansk town, Crimea.

For the first time creative teams that represent all Enterprises of the Holding Company gathered together. Representatives of JSC Sumykhimprom, PJSC Crimean Titanium, JSC Crimean Soda Plant, Branch Company Irshansky Mining and Processing Complex, and Branch Company Volnogorsky Mining and Smelting Complex took part in the event together with the representatives of our Combine – the vocal ensemble Spivanochki. These are strong and united teams that have a lot of experience of stage performance; they took part in the events held by the Holding Company more than once. In the first place because each of these Enterprises have their own House of Culture, and Crimean Titanium has even a Centre of Culture, where their employees can practice dancing, singing and other kinds of art.

On the first day of the festival the participants got to know each other closely. The gala night at the recreation facility Volna couldn’t go without songs, dancing, jokes, and a supply of cheerful mood for the next day. Each group showed a welcoming performance. The audience enjoyed the song sang by Spivanochki, and they gave our ensemble an ovation. The ensemble sang to the accompaniment of accordion with no use of backing tracks. Guests mingled, had fun, danced to a joyful music, and took part in competitions. When it became dark, the guests were surprised by colourful fireworks.

The next day brought the excitement of last arrangements, dress rehearsal, and thorough preparation of costumes for the concert. There’s no time to rest now, each participant aims to become the best, receive maximum recognition of the audience. And now, at last, the time has come! Everybody attracted to art have gathered in a cozy concert hall of the Centre of Culture and Entertainment Titan. In the course of several hours creative teams, guests and other spectators with interest watched the performances on the stage, supported the participants with applauses, cheered colleagues. It is nice to notice that a lot of young people took part in the concert. It should become an example for the employees of our Combine.

As noticed by the organizators of the Festival, there was no winners in the contest because each performance was at a professional level. At the end of the event the ensemble Spivanochki was awarded with a certificate for participation in the concert and received a valuable gift – a set of professional concert equipment.

It is very good that amateur art activities are revived at ZTMC. There is no doubt that the management and Trade-Union Committee contributed to it. We would also like to separately thank the creative director of our ensemble – Victor. We would scarcely succeed without your endeavour. Of course, the ensemble has a lot of work ahead of it. But the début in Crimea showed that we are talented and firm of purpose. We hope that our Enterprise will extend its creative repertoire and will present a richer programme next time.