On Decemder 23 ZTMC Celebrates Its 76th Anniversary

I congratulate everyone on the birthday of our Combine with all my heart and wish many happy returns of the day, marry Christmas and happy New Year!

I thank sincerely all the workers of the Enterprise for your contribution to the development of ZTMC. Having completed foremost overhauls of manufacturing equipment, we ensured the pre-crisis level of production volume, elaborated and successfully defended the Combine Reconstruction Programme for the next five years, worked out the Combine Prospective Development Business Plan and many other. In the social aspect, with regard of financial capabilities of the Combine, wages for all the employees of the Enterprise were increased twice.

We keep up great traditions of domestic metallurgical manufacturing with care and, with due consideration of them, favour rather fruitfully, efficiently, and purposefully development of titanium industry. We managed to gain a firm foothold in the global market, having pressed our business rivals back. We are known and respected. At present we have a reputation of worth that we value very much.

I wish all of you and your families sound health, prosperity, wealth, and everything that is planned to come true without fail for the benefit of our Combine development. Let optimism, luck, and success always come along with you in life!

Vladimir Sivak,

General Manager of ZTMC