Happy Birthday to the Combine!

On the day of the 76th Anniversary of Zaporozhye Titanium & Magnesium Combine the assembly hall of the Public Organization House was crammed to capacity.

ZTMC workers listened to General Manager of the Combine Vladimir Sivak and Chairperson of ZTMC Trade-Union Committee Lyudmila Logvinova, who congratulated the workers on the occasion, wished them wellbeing and flourishing in the family, confidence in the future, success in the work, and sound health.

“First of all I would like to express gratitude to all the workers of the Combine for your every day persistent labour by means of which you make your weighty contribution into the development of the Enterprise and strengthening of market positions of the Combine. Together we have achieved significant positive result,” ZTMC General Manager Vladimir Sivak addressed himself to the workers of the Enterprise. “The departing year has been rather difficult and important for all the workers of ZTMC. Despite all the difficulties that the Combine has to overcome in everyday work, ZTMC gradually improves its financial and economic state. This is proved by the increase of finished product output volume practically by one third according to the results of 11 months of 2011 as compared with the similar period of the previous year. Over the same period, return from products, goods, and services sales has increased by 1.8. Labor productivity has also sufficiently increased – by more than 60%. Production profitability has reached 7.2% (11 months of 2010 unprofitability equaled 14.2%). In the social aspect, with regard of financial capabilities of the Enterprise, in the current year we have found it possible to increase wages for the workers of the Combine twice. Inclusive of the wages increases as of July 1 and December 1, an average wage equals 3344 hryvnas that is 40% up on January 2011. I would like to pay your extra attention to the following fact. In the middle of January 2012 the Combine will produce its 100 000th tonne of titanium sponge since the moment of manufacture commissioning in 1998. And this event will become a symbolic one for all the workers of ZTMC that put into the common cause not only their labour, but souls. Today the Combine with confidence approaches the profitable manufacture of commercial products, which gives all of us confidence in the future and in correctness of the chosen path of development.”

For high personal achievements in technical and economic performance, professional competence, high level of knowledge, and quality of work, best workers of the Combine were awarded with a Certificate of Merit of SE ZTMC. Among them – Workshop 2 Foreman Oleg Chuprina, Workshop 7 Furnace Operator Aleksandr Goydenko, Workshop 10 Work Quota Setting Engineer Anton Podakov, Head of Workshop 11 Communications Service Irina Vasilenkova, Workshop 15 Foreman Aleksandr Dzivitsky, Workshop 19 Engine Driver Irina Velmozhko, Workshop 20 Foreman Victor Tkachenko, Head of Accounting Department Bureau Lyubov Revenyuk, QCD Inspector Lyubov Bandurovskaya and others. Certificates of Merit with money rewards went to seventeen workers present in the hall. Altogether, in accordance with a joint resolution of the management and the trade-union of the combine, 34 ZTMC workers received high awards of the Combine.

Best sportsmen were also conferred on the day. For the first place in the indoor soccer competition of the Combine, the team of workshop 7 was awarded by a Cup, a Certificate, money reward, and sporting accessories. Teams of plant office and workshop 2 that have won the second and the third places, respectively, also received awards. We congratulate all the young men that have won the tournament, especially, the leaders of the teams – prize-winners: Workshop 7 Foreman Andrey Pestov, Plant Office Economist Andrey Vetoshkin, and Workshop 2 Electrician Denis Bedny.

By the way, this year the combined indoor soccer team of the Enterprise, captain of which was the same Andrey Pestov, has won the prize-winning second place in the XI Worker's Spartakiada for Metallurgists and Miners of Zaporozhye District. That is why we congratulate him on the double victory!

Certificates of Merit of the presidium of the Central Committee of Metallurgy and Mining Trade-Union of Ukraine, the Trade-Union Regional Committee, and the Local Trade-Union Committee of the Combine were awarded to active members of the trade-union: Chairman of Workshop 2 Youth Council Aleksey Balakin, Deputy Chairperson of QCD Trade-Union Committee Natalya Ivanova, Workshop 7 Trade-Union Group Organizers Vladimir Antonenko and Aleksandr Yeryomka, Workshop 11 Trade-Union Group Organizer Oleg Andreev, Workshop 17 Physical Training Organizer Yelizaveta  Degtyaryova, Workshop 7 Youth Council Member Dmitry Poddubny. A Badge of Merit of the Central Committee of Metallurgy and Mining Trade-Union of Ukraine For Active Membership in the Metallurgy and Mining Trade-Union of Ukraine was awarded to Deputy Chairperson of Trade-Union Committee of Workshop 12 Anatoly Abrosimov.

All the present in the hall also enjoyed a wonderful concert prepared by performers from Dnepropetrovsk in the form of a New Year ball. Lyudmila Lazareva, the soloist of a group the Chorus, sang for ZTMC workers, a duet Aleksandr & Nataly surprised the audience by incredible magic tricks; a dance group the New Hipsters performed a Boogie-Woogie routine. Then the audience was plunged into an orient atmosphere: no one was left untouched by the dances of Scheherazade, Chinese dragons, and Martial Arts Theatre.

At the end of the New Year Show, Grandfather Frost and Snow Maiden wished ZTMC workers a happy New Year, and the hosts of the concert Tatyana Alekseenko and Pavel Smekhov wished everybody a merry mood, humour, and optimism.

In general the celebration was a success! It is nice that this time there were a lot more people present in the hall. And, believe us, it is much more pleasant to celebrate the day together!