Kolyada has come and brought joy to the household!

On the eve of the joyous feast day of Christmas, young friends of ZTMC – members of the Children's Singing and Dancing Studio Chaika (Choirmaster Yelena Korneva) of Zaporozhye Public Palace for Children and Youth Arts, came to the Combine to sing Kolyadky – ritual folk songs and carols.

Since olden times, by folk tradition, the Christmas and New Year holidays are opened by singing Kolyadky. Our forefathers attached special significance to the beginning of the year: the first day of the year stands for the whole year. That is why usually in their songs Kolyadky singers not only praise the masters of the household, but also extol their prosperity and wish them rich harvest and affluence.

The young singers from Chaika visit us with their wonderful mission for the second time now. For the first time they sang Kolyadky at the Combine last year by invitation of ZTMC management and trade-union.

“Thanks to their last-year wishes we’ve got a wage increase,” ZTMC workers say with a smile.

This year the talented young people have presented their wonderful festive theatrical performance in management and trade-union offices, and a range of departments of the combine.

“I thank the young people for the great performance – on the eve of Christmas they’ve created the festive mood for us,” General Manager Vladimir Sivak sincerely thanked the young singers.

In reward from grateful audience, the young performers got fruits, sweets, and, as custom has it, some pocket money. But an excursion around the Combine Museum became the main treat. Museum Curator Maria Umanets acquainted the children with the glorious history of our Enterprise and heroic personalities that worked here at different times. The young performers examined the unique displays with genuine interest and, literally, bombarded the guide with questions.

“Our children visit the Combine with great pleasure – we are always warmly welcomed here,” Choirmaster of Chaika Ensemble Yelena Korneva sincerely thanked for the cordial reception. “Our today visit turned out to be quite informative for the children. We are sure that we will visit your museum more, but our group will grow in number. Taking the opportunity, I invite children of ZTMC workers to the classes of Folk Children’s Studio Chaika. Our group accepts children of all ages, dancers as well as singers.”