ZTMC Produced 100,000th MT of Titanium Sponge

On the day of January 20, 2012, an important event took place in the lives of ZTMC workers: at 11.30 a.m. a reaction vessel containing an anniversary 100,000th metric ton of titanium sponge was taken out from the furnace. This is the 100,000th metric ton manufactured since the time of the production startup in 1998.

On the occasion of anniversary tone manufacturing a grand meeting took place at the Furnace Area of the Workshop 7. The meeting was attended by General Manager Vladimir Sivak, Chief Engineer of the Combine Vladimir Korolkov, Deputy General Manager Igor Matveev, Combine Trade-Union Committee Chairperson Lyudmila Logvinova, Head of the Industry and Infrastructure Development General Office of Zaporozhye Region Public Administration Yevgeny Semechayevsky,Head of Workshop 7 Vasily Zinchenko, Head of the Furnace Area of the Workshop 7 Victor Zarochentsev, as well as trade-union leaders of workshops and subdivisions of the Combine, ZTMC veterans, honoured ZTMC workers, and a lot of the workers of the Enterprise.

Production of the 100,000th MT of titanium sponge is the result of the selfless labour of all the workers of the Combine and an illustration of the fact that Zaporozhye Titanium and Magnesium Combine forges ahead, constantly develops, and progresses with confidence to new manufacturing frontiers.

In 2011 the workers of ZTMC managed to fulfill a range of important for the Combine tasks: first priority capital repairs of the main manufacturing equipment are completed, pre-crisis level the of production volume is ensured (850 MT of titanium sponge per month). In collaboration with Institute of Titanium, the Combine Reconstruction Programme for the next five years was elaborated and successfully defended in the Ministry for Industrial Policy of Ukraine; the Combine Prospective Development Business Plan was prepared.

Vladimir Sivak, General Manager of ZTMC says, “Production of the 100,000th ton is an indicative mark on the great and important for all of us path. We stand on the threshold of new challenges and manufacturing accomplishments. We practically reached the maximum performance of the current manufacturing practice and facilities. To maintain our position at the global market we have to move on, improve and develop our manufacture, modernize the equipment, enhance the qualification of the personnel. For that purpose we have elaborated and successfully defended the Combine Reconstruction Programme which involves nearly all production steps. Global market trends strengthen our optimistic attitude and open good prospect. I am convinced that with the required investments attracted we will be able to implement the Programme, substantially increase the production, obtain products of better quality, including commercial titanium slag and ingots. Both the Government and the local authority support us on this matter. In order to implement the shaped plans, design work is now actively conducted by the specialists of our Combine. The reconstruction works will be carried out alongside with operation of the current manufacturing.”