Ecological Safety of Production ZTMC Confirmed

Zaporozhye city Head Alexander Sin and the standing Deputy Commission City Council on Ecology held on ZTMC Workshops with the Management of the works on the future development of the company and the introduction of effective measures to protect the environment.

The participants got acquainted with the production of titanium sponge, titanium ingots, visited the site for production of titanium slag, as well as on the processing of titanium sponge, visited central sewage treatment plant and the conditions of storage and the storage of liquid chlorine.

The Head of combine Vladimir Sivak informed quests on production at the enterprise. In particular it was a question of production of titanic slag from ilmenite concentrate, chlorination and receiving cleared titanium tetrachloride production of magnesium by electrolysis way, crushing of blocks of the spongy titan of different brands.

As a result of external survey of storages of liquid chlorine of ZTMC located in the territory the Head SE ZTMC Vladimir Sivak reported that at the enterprise this object is under continuous control and storage of so dangerous substance here is carried out with observance of all standards of technical safety. Vladimir Sivak assured Alexander Sin that inhabitants of Zaporozhye don’t need to worry concerning storages of liquid chlorine they completely correspond to all technical norms are safe and don’t bear threat to environment. The personnel of a warehouse of chlorine passes corresponding annual special training and examination concerning labor protection. Study and carry constantly out training on elimination of probable emergencies on a site. Members of the Working Commission were convinced that on ZTMC requirements of the nature protection legislation and ecological standards caused by the production technology are observed. Normalized emission in the atmosphere dumping of drains in water objects the address with a waste are carried out in compliance with allowing documents the given-out authorized bodies. The Combine in full executed actions for the exit program from ecological crisis of Zaporozhye for 2001-2010 besides Combine actions in the new Program directed on ensuring ecological safety of Zaporozhye are provided.

Also Vladimir Sivak reported that at the enterprise works on preparation for complex reconstruction of production which assumes introduction of innovative technologies are conducted. Their realization will allow not only to increase output but also will reduce volumes of emissions in the atmosphere of harmful substances. At the same time for an embodiment in life of so grandiose plans the enterprise will need serious capital investments.

Implementation of the Program of reconstruction of Combine and updating of production which will demand attraction of investments in the sum of 601 million US dollars opens wide prospects for Combine the Head of ZTMC Vladimir Sivak noted. Introduction of the Program will lead to decrease in cost of production and to increase of its quality at the expense of use of the new high is efficiency equipment and introduction of the titan spongy. It considerably will strengthen positions of the Zaporozhye Titanium-magnesium works in the world market, will allow to create new workplaces and to keep existing to increase contributions to budgets of all levels and the main thing will give the chance to increase social standards for employees of Combine.

Implementation of investment projects will allow ZTMC to increase volume of production four times. Very important that at the enterprise understand that it shouldn’t lead to growth of emissions of harmful substances in environment Mayor Alexander Sin on the Zaporozhye Titanium-magnesium works of the party also discussed a number of social problems. Among them transport message. Delivery of workers to the enterprise which regular number makes over 3, 5 thousand people is carried out by mainly custom–made transport with compensation to employees of Combine of the most part of fare at the expense of enterprise assets. The tram message the unique type of public transport in this area leaves much to be desired Vladimir Sivak positioned a problem to a city Management. The problem consists in that workers after a night shift which comes to an end at 23.00 aren’t in time on the last tram that creates big inconveniences. Mayor Alexander Sin promised to help with the solution of this problem soon.