Happiness in the “Sokol”

And again we in “Sokol”! What happiness to be in this camp: here the best rest, the kindest tutors and leaders, food the most tasty and still competitions, competitions, discos, various holidays and surprising travel! We are proud that our names are “Sokolyata”! is such reviews of the first change in “Sokol”; children left in the local children’s newspaper “Sokolgrad”.

Here have a rest 370 children from Zaporozhye, Lugansk, Lutsk, Kiev, Sumy and also Irshansk, Volnogorska and Armyanska got healhy.

Thanks to a Combine management for the help and assistance in all our kind undertakings. Sincerely rejoices to new things of “Sokol” of Valentina Yurchenko. Now in a beach zone we have special pontoons for providing a safe entrance and an exit from water as the bottom here is covered with stones. Also this year the territory of our health resort secured against penetration here extraneous persons: on perimeter established a reliable protection. Children were in plenty bought in the warm sea, left on a literary ring, participated in quires. Together with the tutors and leaders made surprising discoveries is descended in fascinating campaigns on falls Dzhur-Dzhur, in red caves, visited excursion in Bakhchisarai, looked at representation in a dolphinarium. Every day in camp it is filled with substantial actions. And hardly free minute will stand out, children rush in library. Here, in cool calm, among thousand books behind reading favorite literature children plunge into adventures of the glorified heroes. Here not in burden and the school program on literature to master! And supported the forces for new opening and victories children in a dining room. Her manager Valentina Stangrit and her assistants tried to prepare for children all the most tasty. Each child who arrives to us in “Sokol” becomes for us native is Valentina Semenovna confirms. And we do everything that children aspired to return here.