On ZTMC the Collective Agreement is Accepted: Social Conditions are Improved, Disciplinary Requirements are Toughened

Collective Agreement 2012 guarantees to workers social preferences and obliges to observe labor discipline strictly.

In conference of labor staff of the Zaporozhye Titanium and Magnesium Combine on adoption of the Collective Agreement for 2012, 175 delegates, Combine Administration, Veterans of the Enterprise and also quests representatives of the central bodies of the branch and incorporated trade unions of Ukraine took part.
Participants of conference summing up implementation of the collective agreement past year, noted that thanks to significant improvement of operational performance in Combine work and nominal and annual volume of production of the titan spongy in naturally expression increased by 22,7 % in the comparable prices of finished goods is made for 35% more than for the similar previous period it was possible raise material well-being of workers considerably. So within the past year at Combine the salary was twice raised. Besides, considering results of work and financial possibilities since September 2011 and to the present the variable part of a salary at a rate of 40% is in full paid. As a result by the beginning of 2012 the average salary of workers and it 3575 ZTMC considerably came nearer to the metallurgical enterprises of the Zaporozhye region. In spite of the fact that a number of the social privileges which were taking place in the Collective Agreement of pre-crisis 2008 by results of Combine work for the present it was not possible to restore completely implementation of the Collective Agreement 2011 and fullness of the social package stipulated by it during this period participants of conference recognized as satisfactory.
Discussing provisions of the new Collective agreement on 2012 delegates of conference noted that the document keeps and increases a number of positive achievements of the past year, including, provides the organization of summer improvement of workers and members of their families rendering of financial support and other preferences. It is thus supposed that in the current year on the basis of increase of production efficiency it will be possible to speak about increase in the income of our workers at 18 % . And financial support on improvement at an exit in holiday at a rate of the 650th to each member of the ZTMC labor collective already started to pay with January of the current year.
Delegates of conference of labor collective unanimously made the decision on signing of the Collective Agreement 2012 which is urged to provide with the worker of Combine corresponding social package and to the enterprise effective implementation of the planned plans on further effective development of production.
Also at conference the update Rules of the internal labor schedule were approved.
The Collective Agreement is the complex document which provides performance of a number of mutual duties as enterprise Administration, so Trade-Union Committee. The main function of such contract is to guarantee the social and labor low of workers. Gradual improvement of a financial and economic situation at the enterprise and growth of operational performance, speaks about need of toughening of requirements to each employee of Combine. First of all it is a question of labor discipline and the role of Administration of Combine consist in creating safe working conditions for each employee is Head of Combine Vladimir Sivak summed up. Violations by some employees of Combine of labor discipline and rules of labor protection can have the most negative consequences for life and health of our employees and are default from certain representatives of labor collective of the obligations to Combine Administration. Ahead we have difficult and laborious work on ensuring further development of Combine improvement of material well-being of employees of the enterprise. This work will demand high return from each of you first of all productivity, discipline, creative search. Therefore I wish all of us successes in our hard work for the benefit of strengthening of positions of Combine.