Veterans of ZTMC Thank a Combine Management for Perfectly Carried Out Arrival in a Dispensary

It is difficult to find proper words of gratitude for perfectly organized arrival of Veterans in sanatorium dispensary of Combine which took place from May 17 to June 1.

The care attention and keenness from the personnel of our health resort and chief physician Valentina Krepchuk to Veterans is worthy the best praises. In our opinion qualification of the service personnel surpasses level of some other sanatoria of the country. Among the services rendered in our health resort, medical procedures (baths, salt mine, massage, treatment at the stomatologist) and also improving walks which are so necessary for people of old age. It is pleasant also well – groomed to the dispensary territory. It is visible that really talented people here approached to landscaping. Combinations of flowers on beds are picked up with love; fresh greens of a grass, purity please the eye. 

Veterans admired not only the benevolent relation to them and possibility of communication with friends and the former colleagues. In the evenings it was not necessary to miss: they sang songs, read poems, danced. Especially well tried Maria Fukleva, Boris Titomer, Gerge Doroshenko, Lyudmila Chekushina, Alexander Kudykin and others. These small holidays for elderly people were organized by veterans Svetlana Tyumentseva, Claudius Terkin, Ivan Myslievets, showing care of vacationers. Workers of a dispensary organized a memorable meeting with actors of the Zaporozhye regional philharmonic society which made the touching program and carefully picked up repertoire.

Thanks to rest in our health resort Veterans were taken cheerfulness, health and even forgot about the illnesses, indispositions and age.

Galina Strelnikova, Head of section of Volunteers