The Salary is Increased by ZTMC! According to the Collective Agreement in July the Salary to Employees of our Combine is Once Again Raised

Vladimir Sivak: “The successful production activity of our enterprise provides to us possibility to realize a number of social initiatives. First of all it is a question of salary increase. Thanks to positive results of activity of our enterprise in the first half of the year of the current year we have possibility that is called to “invest” money in the most valuable capital of our Combine – in labor collective, in each of you. I am sure that enhancement of a social component of each employee of Combine is guarantee of our success today and tomorrow”.

Since 01.07.2012 to employees of Combine (except the suspended production of SHMZ and shop №8) tariffs (salaries) were increased. The increase is differentiated, priorities in the matter are given to the main workers of producing departments are furnaceman, smelter, pot operator and others. The increase in tariffs of these workers made 10%. On the average the increase in a salary of workers and experts at Combine made 7%. Besides, considering that to workers children's institution of improvement and rest “Sokol” in December 2011 the salary didn’t raise. The increase in their tariffs and salaries made 10 %. Level of an expected average salary at Combine in July of the current year will make 3550 uah.