Work on Implementation of the Collective Agreement is Recognized As the Satisfactory

On enlarged meeting of Trade – Union Committee of Combine summed up implementation of the collective agreement between labor collective and Combine Administration for the first half of the year 2012. As the Chairman of the Commission is the Deputy Director General on Shots and Social development Nikolay Zhigunov noted, all 209 points of the collective agreement are generally carried out. Our enterprise has good prospects which assume building of volume of production, increase in a salary, improvement of a condition of the social sphere.
So, at the expense of improvement of technological processes and carrying out capital repairs of the equipment release of a titanic sponge of the top qualities is increased. Major maintenance on shop №2 and shop №7 is carried out. At a completion stage capital repairs of a salt hlorator №2 are ended major maintenance hlorator conductor on a chlorination site a preparatory work to major maintenance of the ore and thermal furnaces, electrobridge cranes on a site of melting of raw materials and burden is conducted. Capital repairs of several electrolysis are executed; furnaces, design works on modernization of electron beam installation for production of titanic ingots, and works on production reconstruction ferrotitanium and so on are conducted. The volume of the made titanic sponge in the first half of the year increased in comparison with the similar period of last year.
It agrees to the research carried out at Combine, more than 60% of people found the job on ZTMC according to the recommendation of the relatives. All this promotes strengthening of dynasties and preservation of labor traditions. The management of Combine meets half way employment people with limited physical possibilities. Still grate attention is given to increase of educational level of employees of Combine. So, during the first half of the year more than six hundred workers, 86 head and experts are training.
The salary of employees of Combine rises as also. In the first half of the year the size of an hour tariff rate of the working first category with normal working conditions of industrial and nonindustrial groups makes 118,8% (1300uah.) the minimum hour tariff (at the rate of 1094 uah.) that for 13,1% above the minimum guarantees of the industry agreement. The size of a salary of the unqualified worker with normal working conditions for total fulfilled time made in the reporting period of 1470 hryvnians. In comparison with the first half of the year 2011 the average salary of employees of Combine increased in the reporting period for 38, 4% . Since July 1 2012 tariffs and salaries to employees of Combine are increased. So, the hour tariff of the worker at 36 – hour working week for 8%. The minimum interqualifying ratios are maintained at a six digit scale of charges. Since January 1 financial support on improvement to the workers who are issuing annual holiday lasting 14 and more calendar days and not having violations is charged.
The Chairman of Trade-Union Committee of Combine Lyudmila Logvinova summed up according to the section of the collective agreement which provides social privileges and guarantees, social insurance, the organization of improvement and rest of workers. She reported that the Administration of ZTMC in due time and in full transferred to Trade-Union committee funds for mass cultural, sports work and improvement. Obligations to Combine Council of Veterans are completely carried out. It was noted that this year the circle of health resorts with which our enterprise cooperates extend. Besides a dispensary of ZTMC and a children’s institution of improvement and rest “Sokol” thanks to the adjusted cooperation with the enterprises of titanic branch of Ukraine workers of Combine and members of their families have a rest in dispensaries “Oldysh” (Sumy), “Irshansk” (Irshansk), sanatoria “Lybid” (Truskavets), “Yurmino” (of Saki) and other sanatoria of Ukraine. Children of employees of Combine perfectly carried out a part of summer vacations in “Zvyozdny” camp (Sumy). The rest season on the “Volna” base (Steregushche’s settlement, AR Crimea) procceds. Having heard speakers and answers to questions present, the commission recognized work on implementation of the collective agreement satisfactory.