On ZTMC Staff Territorial Training

At Combine is carried successfully out staff territorial training on a subject Work of a staff and services of civil defense of ZTMC on the organization of performance of actions of civil defense took place at emergence of emergencies at Combine.

There were some purposes of its carrying out. For an administrative board is a development of joint actions, coordination of actions of governing bodies and forces of civil defense improvement of knowledge practical skills at the organization and performance of actions for elimination of consequences of falures and emergency situations. A staff and chiefs of services CD during doctrines should increase readiness of governing bodies and provide carrying out actions for elimination of consequences of failures and emergency situations, reach coordination at interaction with forces of civil defense of the city, the areas, the next enterprises at carrying out emergency recovery operations.
As the purposes for command commanding structure and not militarized formations of civil defense improvement of practical skills, theoretical knowledge in the organization and performance of actions acted at accident elimination. The carried out educational tasks showed, practical working off of the actions which are carried out at emergence of an emergency situation, connected with flood on soil of dangerous substance is how well fixed. The dispatcher of Combine reacted to this situation instantly and the system in an automatic mode notified field services, and also the next enterprises on emergence of a non-staff situation. Further all actions of the personnel were carried out in strict accordance with the plan of emergency response and Combine PLAS at level of “B”.
Workers were involved in training GPSGh -28, rescuers, protection of Combine and other field services a staff of civil defense. Thanks to their coordinated actions the tasks put on training, were successfully executed. It testifies to high responsibility, ability quickly and correctly to make decisions in emergency situations, abilities in time to reveal, and the main thing not to allow emergencies at Combine.