Children of Workers of Combine Perfectly Spent a Free Time

Administration and Combine Trade-Union Committee traditionally presented to children of workers New Year’s mood on winter vacation. For kids of employees of Combine this year except traditional gifts with sweets, New Year’s representations and excursion to the Dnepropetrovsk, the real surprise – winter arrival in JSPC “Sumykhimprom” “Zvyozny” camp was prepeared.

Children for a while plunged into the fantastic atmosphere, having visited morning performances at a cinema of Dovzhenko, in Palaces of culture “Metallurg”, “Zavodsky” and of “Kirov”. Such festive actions were visited by more than one thousand children. During winter vacation two excursions across Dnepropetrovsk took place. During visit of horse-racing school the children surely felt in a saddle. Children could drive on horses in an arena under supervision of the instructor and also take pleasure in communication with these surprising animals. At excursion children learned a lot of the new: as there live horses, than eat, as communicate among themselves and become athletes. The children with pleasure played bawling club and at the end of day everyone received a New Year’s gift.
 Winter arrival in “Zvyozdny” camp which hospitably met small vacationers, left in soul of children only pleasant memories. Careful tutors and fervent leaders could organize the real holiday for children of employees. Here children expected sports and cultural events: they managed to take pleasure in game in bowling, a paintball, wished each other happy birthday and participated in competitions during the holiday “Day of a name-day”, together meet New Year and Cristmas.