The Zaporozhye Titanium-Magnesium Combine Gives System Support to the Volleyball "Orbita-ZTMC-ZNU" Team

Within initiatives of corporate social responsibility of the enterprise, ES “Zaporozhye professional volleyball club “Orbita-ZTMC-ZNU” acting in the highest division of national female volleyball superiority.

Creation of volleyball club on the basis of ZTMC is not only an important step to the realization of social policy of the enterprise directed on development of grass-roots sports movement and familiarizing of our employees and also as it is possible bigger number of Zaporozhetses to a healthy lifestyle – “director Vladimir Sivak reported”. In Zaporozhye traditions of professional volleyball are strong, and ZTMC aspires to make the contribution to revival of former glory “Orbita” is no time a star women’s team, - V. Sivak added. Having finished a season of 2011-2012 with a title of the champion of the Highest league, “Orbita-ZTMC-ZNU”: returned on the habitual place – to a national Superleague, and in the current season combats for prize – winning places in the highest division of female volleyball Superiority of Ukraine.
Giving system material support of “Orbita-ZTMC-ZNU”. The Zaporozhye Titanium-Magnesium Combine provides carrying out educational and training collecting organizes house and exit a play of the team. Besides, the enterprise pays a salary to members of team and its trainer’s structure, organizes medical treatment and insurance, pays various contributions to Federation of volleyball of Ukraine, and also incurs transportation and travel expenses of members of team, rents a gym and carries out some other obligations.
“On behalf of all team, I want to thank the “Zaporozhye Titanium-Magnesium Combine” for support of professional volleyball and ours, without exaggeration, sign club for Zaporozhye, -“ the head coach “Orbita_ZTMC-ZNU”, the deserved trainer of Ukraine on volleyball Igor Filishtinskynoted.”such support allows team to set before itself the highest purposes: surely to be fixed and take a worthy place in the Superleague, to meet the strongest European teams on continental Superiority and, thereby, to return former glory and authority of team and to present pleasure to the Zaporozhye fans and admirers of domestic volleyball,”- added I. Filishtinsky.
By V. Sivak’s invitation, the next games “Orbita-ZTMC-ZNU” in the national volleyball superiority, passing on January 11-12 were visited by the People’s Deputy of Ukraine Alexander Nechaev, the Zaporozhye mayor and the president of the Zaporozhye regional federation of volleyball Alexander Cyn and other distinguished guests. V. Sivak thanked A.Nechaev, General Director of HC earlier holding a position “The Titan of Ukraine”, for an initiative on support of the Zaporozhye volleyball team and an important contribution to cration at the enterprise of sports club.
“Such social partnership is a good example for imitation and undoubtedly, becomes important incentive to further development of domestic volleyball, healthy lifestyle promoting, and also increase of the international image of Ukraine thanks to our achievements in sport”, - A. Nechaev, for many years actively working over volleyball development in Ukraine, and being at the beginnings of creation of volleyball clubs at the domestic enterprises “Crimean Soda Plant” and “Sumykhimprom” emphasized.