At System Support of the Zaporizhzhya Titanium – Magnesium Combine "Orbita-ZTMC-ZNU" Became a Bronze Prizewinner ХХІІ Championship of Ukraine on Volley-Ball in Super League

Success of sportswomen was in a considerable degree assisted by both correctly select a head coach commands by Igor Phelishtinsky tactics and strategy of their preparation and system support that 'ZTMC' renders a command. 

Zaporozhye Titanium-Magnesium Combine provides material support of command, assists strengthening of her leading positions, reviving former glory of Zaporozhye volley-ball. And command becoming the full-fledged member of woman Super League at support of 'ZTMC' labours for high results and occupies leading positions in the national rating. So, season 2012-2013 "Orbita-ZTMC-ZNU" completed with high rating position, conquering the third place in Super League of ХХІІ of Championship of Ukraine.
For period from the moment of creation of sport club 'ZTMC' for present tense a Combine financed all charges on maintenance a command in a sum over 2 million hrn.
As reported before, in July, 2012 on a Combine a sport club that was entered by 18 sportsmen-volley-ballers of "Orbit was created - ZTMC - ZNU" at the head with a head coach - deserved trainer of Ukraine on volley-ball of I.D. Phelishtinsky.

A Combine provides:

  • it is realization of training collections, 
  • are organizational events on realization of home games of command, and also playing the departure,
  • carries out payment of judging,
  • pays a salary to the members of command and to trainer's composition, 
  • organizes medical treatment and insurance, 
  • pays payments in Federation of volley-ball of Ukraine, carries transport and on assignment charges of command members, leases a sport hall, and also executes the row of other obligations.

Celebration in honour of players of command "Orbita-ZTMC-ZNU" in connection with high sport achievements passed in a solemn situation in a club "Zaporizka Sich" on an island Khortytsia. To the head coach of command and all players diplomas were handed Zaporozhye Municipal Heads.

In this connection by an event in the conference hall of 'ZTMC' on Wednesday, on May 22, press-conference took place with participation the leader of 'ZTMC' Vladimir Sivak, Zaporozhye Municipal Head - President of the Zaporozhye Regional Federation of Volley-Ball Alexander Syn, Head Coach of command "Orbita-ZTMC-ZNU" Igor Phelishtinsky , President of Sport Club "Orbit" Sergey Skripka.

- Command "Orbita-ZTMC-ZNU" obtained high results and confidently gained a foothold in Super League, - the leader of 'ZTMC' Vladimir Sivak marked. - Almost all, that was set by us in beginning of playing season, it was succeeded to attain, in spite of arising up difficulties. Our volley-ballers practically in all matches showed fighter character and will to victory. A conquest of the third place is a well-deserved reward and high estimation of labour for all collective of sportsmen, trainer's composition. Presently the Head Coach of command conduces preparation of our volley-ballers to participating in Eurocup competitions. Like 'ZTMC' is the leader of home titanic industry and only in Europe producer of titanic sponge with high productive authority, we are sure that the revival of woman professional volley-ball in Zaporozhye will assist strengthening of authority of the Zaporozhye edge both in Ukraine and in the world.