The Best Artists

The Contest committee are defined defined winners of the first stage of competition of children's drawing and applications “The world eyes of children”. On court of jury some tens colourful landscapes, still lifes, images of animals and the flowers executed by means of color paper, were presented by water color paints, gouache.

The jury of competition estimated creative finds of each author, a subject, composite and color score, art level of work performance. It is necessary to tell that it was pretty difficult. The unanimous decision on each drawing wasn't, during definition of winners of competition there were disputes, and each member of a contest committee had to reason the opinion deeply. After all almost in each work the creative was visible approach, the imagination of the child, his identity was shown. Nevertheless, prize-winning places was only three. And them occupied Julia Dikaya — the first place, Yaroslav Kiyanitsa — the second and Lyubava Ostapenko — the third place. We are glad that parents — the performer of art and decorative works of edition Natalia Babayeva, the marker of shop No. 10 Irina Kiyanitsa and the engineer IT Andrey Ostapenko raise such remarkable children. All of them got monetary awards: The I place — 500 UAH, the II place — 400 UAH, the III place — 300 UAH. The decision to give incentive prizes (children's sets for creativity) for Andrey Yupatov, Nastya Medved, Katya Ivzhenko, Lyosha Ivanichkin, Dasha Nesterenko's works is also made.

We congratulate winners of competition of their parents, we wish that the creative inspiration never abandoned you! At the same time we tell many thanks and to other participants of competition. We are glad that talented children who aren't indifferent to the fine grow in your families. Photo contest “Stop, the instant” proceeds. It is dated for combine Birthday, and its results will be brought in the last week of October of this year.