"Falcon" Celebrated The 55 Anniversary

Our children's health resort “Falcon” that on the bank of the Black Sea in Evpatoria, celebrated the 55 anniversary. 

Wokers put many forces and means that “Falcon” met the anniversary thoroughly updated and got prettier. In a new season of children expect perfectly equipped household cases, in camp there is a stadium, children's attractions, a variety and dance floor where thematic games, show programs and competitions are daily held.

To congratulate labor group of the hero of the anniversary and children there arrived the head of ZTMC Vladimir Sivak, the chairman of trade-union committee of the enterprise Lyudmila Logvinova, and also representatives of local government.

On behalf of labor staff of our enterprise the message of greeting is handed over to the director of “Falcon” Valentina Yurchenko.

“Dear Valentina Semenovna! Dear workers of “Falcon”! On behalf of labor staff of the Zaporozhye Titanium-magnesium works warmly we congratulate you on outstanding anniversary – the 55 anniversary from the date of the basis nowadays one of the best on the coast of the Black Sea – a children's institution of improvement and rest “Falcon”! “it is spoken in the congratulatory document”.Life of “Falcon” is in a special way connected with ZTMC life. After all for any employee of the enterprise having a family and children, health and good rest of younger generation has paramount value. The remarkable group of teachers and tutors under the leadership of camp commander Valentina Semenovna Yurchenko copes with such important tasks at high professional level.

Sincere love of children and to the profession – one of the main qualities of each employee of “Falcon”. Therefore employees of the enterprise quietly send the children here to rest with confidence that each child will be surrounded with care and attention, for everyone there will be a hobby, and time spent in camp, will pass with advantage.

Activity of camp is annually noted including by the government of the Autonomous Republic Crimea diplomas and thanks as the best children's institution of improvement and rest. "Falcon" is the smithy of shots providing continuity of generations. In 55 years in camp have a rest and got healthy a huge number of children. A half of them – children of employees of the enterprise, many of which today already adults and work in production and non-productive departments of ZTMC. And already their children come to camp, strike up new acquaintances, someone meets here the destiny. Each of us feels the participation in "Falcon! 

In this holiday we wish you a good health, prosperity, wellbeing and inexhaustible ideas for the benefit of education of young generation!