"Orbita-ZTMC-ZNU" Will Be Overcome For The Cup Of The European Confederation Of Volleyball

The Bronze medallist of the Championship of Ukraine in the Superleague of “Orbita-ZTMC-ZNU” will present our country in the European tournament of the future season.

From headquarters of the European confederation of volleyball results of lot of the first rounds of draw of continental cup tournaments of a season-2013/2014 among clubs arrived. In the Cup of EKV second for a rank four Ukrainian teams are going to act.

At men our country will be represented her champion by "Locomotive" (Kharkov) and "Krymsod" (Krasnoperekopsk) silver prize-winner, and women have an owner of gold of domestic stamping "Chemist" (Youzhny) and bronze medallist "Orbita-ZTMC-ZNU" (Zaporozhye). 

The women's volleyball team "Orbita-ZTMC-ZNU", having promptly rushed into the Superleague, at once I won bronze in the Championship of Ukraine. And today even inveterate sceptics don't doubt: wards of the deserved trainer of Ukraine Igor Filishtinskogo will manage to prove to be adequately at the largest international competitions.

“Orbita-ZTMC-ZNU” in the current season made high-quality break in game and by right won bronze medals. This big success became reality thanks to perfected skill, devotion, unity and a fighting spirit of all team players, and also system support which to the Zaporozhye volleyball players is given by the Zaporozhye Titanium-magnesium works and its strategic investor of “Group DF”. 

ZTMC supported the initiative of the People's Deputy of Ukraine Alexander Nechaev of large-scale development of domestic volleyball, – Vladimir Sivak speaks. – Alexander Igorevich, still being the head of PAO “Crimean Soda Plant”, I formed at the enterprise volleyball team and in many respects personally I promoted its successful advance on a sports Olympus. For years of the sports activity the team of the Crimean enterprise achieved good results: successfully speaks at prestigious All-Ukrainian and international competitions, steadily holding the first places of sports ratings. 

When at combine celebrated our volleyball players in connection with high sporting achievements in a season of 2012-2013 – a gain of the third place in the Championship of Ukraine, Vladimir Sivak declared that the team in a season of 2013-2014 will take part in Euro cup. 

Let's remind that the strategic investor of ZTMC “Group DF” completely supports those social projects which were begun at the enterprise, including – the project on Orbita club maintenance, its advance in ratings – everything, as for its support financially and organizationally. The combine assumed completely material security of team and creates all necessary conditions for its productive game. 

By results of lot which has passed in headquarters of the European confederation of volleyball, in 1/16 endings all Ukrainian clubs will play the first matches on October 22-24 on a visit. Our volleyball players should battle to skilled Dutch “Vert”, the silver prize-winner of the Championship of Holland of 2013. In reciprocal games on October 29-31 as owners our team will act. 

Alexander Nechaev, People's Deputy of Ukraine:

- When we took obligations about rendering system support to volleyball club “Orbita”, we understood that this team always rather productively combated for trophies of the European confederation of volleyball. And that success which was made by the Zaporozhye team earlier, we have to increase. “Orbita-ZTMC-ZNU” has to participate in this European superiority and we set to team a task to play on a victory. Participation in tournaments of the international level will give the chance to the Zaporozhye club to gain experience for further successful games in the Championship of Ukraine in the Superleague.

The reference Alexander Nechaev, being the director general of PAO "The state holding company “TITAN of UKRAINE”, I acted as the initiator of creation on the basis of sports club of the Zaporozhye Titanium-magnesium works of the women's volleyball team “Orbita-ZTMC-ZNU”, and also rendering to professional volleyball club of system support. The Zaporozhye Orbit volleyball team - sports collective with the rich history, the settled traditions and significant titles. The team was made in 1972 and already soon became one of the most titled Ukrainian teams in game sports. In the Eurocup competitions “Orbit” achieved success twice: owner of the Cup of the European confederation of volleyball (1989/1990), silver prize-winner of the Cup of EKB (1994/1995).