Collective Agreement-2014: Zaporozhye Titanium-Magnesium Combine Ltd Fixed Social Guarantees For Employees Of The Enterprise

At conference of labor collective  “ZTMC” Ltd the results of implementation of the collective agreement for 2013 are summed up and the collective agreement between administration and labor collective for 2014 is adopted.

In 2013 all 212 points of the collective agreement of "ZTMC" Ltd that is confirmed with the act signed by the commission on preparation of the collective agreement as a part of representatives of labor collective and administration are executed. The new collective agreement for 2014 from administration of combine was signed by the director of “ZTMC” Ltd Vladimir Sivak, on behalf of employees of the enterprise — the chairman of trade-union committee Lyudmila Logvinova.

This main social document of “ZTMC” Ltd in full keeps all social guarantees and privileges which the staff of the enterprise had in 2013. In it all obligations of the parties and the main positions on the labor relations, employment, time of work and rest, labor discipline, labor and environmental protection, social privileges and guarantees are confirmed. In particular, the section VIII "Social privileges and guarantees, social insurance, the organization of improvement and rest of workers" provides performance by administration and trade-union committee of 38 obligations, directed on stabilization and strengthening of a package of social guarantees for employees of the enterprise. The administration of “ZTMC” Ltd undertakes, including to allocate funds on the grant for: improvements of employees of combine according to "The provision on an order of carrying out medical and improving work in “ZTMC”; improvements of children of employees of combine; maintenance of sanatorium dispensary on the island Hortitsa and improvements of employees in it. As a whole in 2014 it is planned to direct on improvement of employees of combine and members of their families of 2 million UAH.

Within realization of social policy at the enterprise in 2014 the program of actions for development of the social sphere of combine according to which the amount of financing the current year makes 1 million 238 thousand UAH is approved. Repair of buffet of shop №. 2 (245 thousand is planned to aim funds at the development of a children's institution of improvement and rest (793,8 thousand UAH), at repair of a dining room 19 (100 thousand hryvnias). UAH), and also on equipment replacement in rooms of dining rooms and buffets (100 thousand UAH). Also efforts of administration of combine will be directed on assistance to labor staff of shops and divisions in carrying out repair work and the equipment of rooms for meal. Besides, in 2014 it is planned to carry out laundry modernization shop №19 with replacement of washing machines and drying drums for washing of overalls of employees of combine. The sum of expenses makes 310 thousand UAH.

This year at combine practice of delivery of the target returnable financial help on training of employees of combine in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS is resumed. Obtaining the loan provides interest-free uniform repayment of money within a year that will allow our workers to graduate profile and by that to increase the qualification.

At conference it is noted that for ensuring activity of “ZTMC” Ltd necessary licenses and permissions are obtained. “ZTMC” Ltd is registered on November 19, 2013 according to resolutions CMU of 2012 No. 243 and No. 955. Participants of society are State property fund of Ukraine and Group DF – group of companies of the large domestic investor Dmitry Firtash. Contribution of the state to created open company is the "ZTMC" Ltd complete property complex. All workers of  "ZTMC" Ltd are transferred to “ZTMC” Ltd, with preservation of a salary and social guarantees. Thanks to Group DF investments, at combine work on implementation of the strategic program of development and technical modernization of production of “ZTMC” is conducted. The program includes some key directions: building of new production of titanic slag, modernization of salt chlorinator, construction of a new site of cleaning of rectification of tetrachloride of the titan, creation of production of the titan spongy and magnesium reducer for production of the titan spongy.

- Now our combine is in difficult economic conditions. But even with support of the strategic investor of our enterprise - Group DF - we find opportunity to strengthen social guarantees for workers of “ZTMC” Ltd in these circumstances, - the director of “ZTMC” Ltd Vladimir Sivak emphasized. Obligations provided by the contract on “ZTMC” Ltd basis are fulfilled by the investor in full. 75% of a contribution to the authorized and additional capital of “ZTMC” Ltd are already made that totally makes 82,5 million US dollars. Thus, “ZTMC” has financial security for implementation of the program of technical modernization of production. This year is very important for all of us since we lay the foundation for further effective development of combine. And from that as far as there will be reliable this base, the success of those innovative transformations which as a result will lead to significant improvement of welfare of all members of our labor collective in many respects depends.

Participants of conference of labor collective unanimously supported the decision on signing of the collective agreement of  “ZTMC” Ltd for 2014.

- As a whole, the collective agreement for 2014 is made taking into account real financial opportunities of the enterprise. I am sure that at improvement of an economic situation at combine we will be able to add it with new social privileges for our workers, - the chairman of trade-union committee Lyudmila Logvinova noted. - Today the main objective of administration and trade-union committee — to keep labor collective, to find possibilities of increase of a salary, to keep workplaces and social guarantees to all members of our labor collective.