Zaporozhye Regional Authorities Support "Zaporozhye Titanium And Magnesium Combine" Ltd. In Its Further Effective Development

Head of Zaporozhye Regional State Administration Valery Baranov, visiting on a working visit Ltd "Zaporozhye titanium-magnesium combine", included in the titanium business Group DF, convinced in the effective management of unique metallurgical production and guarantees the cooperation in solving the pressing problems of the enterprise.

In particular, the Governor acquainted with the current process innovations in industrial production, the introduction of which the combine is expanding the range of marketable products. Valery Baranov discussed with the Director of Ltd "ZTMC" Vladimir Sivak development perspectives and approaches to solve important to combine issues, talked with representatives of the labor collective, answered a number of questions of workers.

– Through effective strategic investor Group DF at our combine is systematic work on implementation of the program of technical modernization of production. In the framework of this program it is planned the construction of a new modern production, increase of production volumes, improvement of quality and expansion of assortment, development of transport infrastructure. The investor has fully fulfilled its investment obligations: to date, has made 110 million U.S. dollars, – said Director of "ZTMC" Vladimir Sivak. – At present the combine is working to develop these tools, design works, carried out major repairs. In addition, our efforts are also directed towards a stable operation of the existing production.

As informed the Governor of the Director of the Zaporizhia titanium and magnesium combine, the combine also pays great attention to the comprehensive development of the workforce. Along with the implementation of all social guarantees stipulated in the collective agreement for the current year, here actively support and develop the youth movement, conduct activities aimed at strengthening workers and members of their families aspiration to a healthy way of life, professional development and as a consequence, professional and personal growth.
 In particular, only in the last few weeks at the combine passed scientific-technical conference of young specialists, competition of creative talents, brain ring and a number of other events that are real social benefit to the entire workforce of combine.

The enterprise works stably, pay taxes and wages to their employees, reconstructing, its leadership is engaged in environmental issues. I am ready to fully support this development, promptly solve issues related to administrative procedures, - stressed the head of regional state administration Valery Baranov. - The plant has a problem - a high component of the energy resources in the Prime cost of products. For increase of competitiveness of the company spartarif for electricity. Such decision is accepted in the Cabinet of Ministers. We will turn to the Government with a proposal to support the labor collective "ZTMC" on this issue.