In The Production Of Titanium Ingots Enabled Band Sawing Machine

The machining of titanium ingots, which is located in the third building of the shop №9, complete set of equipment necessary for production process. Here was dismantled obsolete equipment and structures, their installed renewed lathes for machining of titanium ingots, as well as the recently acquired band sawing machine for cross-cutting titanium ingots and slabs-trimming them top, head and bottom.

On demand of the customer, to give the bullion market condition, you must remove them from the surface layer and a facet.

Before purchasing a sawing, to perform these works were used lathe on which with the help of the cutter was runstitch ingot to the largest possible diameter, and then made his trimming using flame cutting. This technology from the point of view of technological and economic feasibility was very expensive because substantially lengthened the time frame of execution of work, and significantly increased the amount of waste metal - dimensional chips, received the surface to make it marketable required additional grinding. In addition, this technology did not meet the common standards of the organization of a similar production at other enterprises of the industry.

Now on a band saw is cut metal with a very low level waste, resulting surface is flat and does not require additional polishing. Correspondingly reduced and the production process.

Thus, on the machining of titanium ingots managed to form the apparatus-technological chain on standards for the production of titanium ingots.

To ensure similar treatment of titanium slabs, which can also be produced on our electron-beam installation required planing machine. Already available in our company. After fulfilling the corresponding work this machine will be put into operation. Thus, on a site of machining of titanium ingots and slabs will be provided with a full cycle of the production process.