Zaporozhye Titanium Magnesium Plant Has Introduced A New Model Of Cooperation With Educational Institutions For Training

Zaporozhye Titanium Magnesium Combine with the support of the strategic investor Group DF in collaboration with Zaporozhye regional state administration and regional public employment service has established a systematic program of training specialists with higher and secondary special education for titanium business. The new approach is that education institutions will train specialists exclusively in accordance with pre-agreed profession profiles.

"The profile of the profession", describes in detail the competencies, skills and knowledge, which must have a professional educational institution prepares for the combine.
At the moment ZTMC already introduces a new model of cooperation with the vocational educational institutions Zaporozhye, those that prepare professionals for its production. Three schools - High Industrial-Polytechnic College, Lyceum of railway transport", "Higher professional metallurgical Lyceum" entered the pilot project on training for the combine. According to the contracts, schools are obliged to teach for enterprise students in three fields: electrician, Turner and crane. Ptuz and the plant has revised training program and algorithm interaction during the internship period.

"Graduates of vocational schools are often carried out of the educational process mainly theoretical knowledge and some practical skills. We have to re-train them in the workplace. We have completely changed the approach. Now schools will produce professionals who will be best prepared for the future profession. The objective of this project, which we initiated, is not just to prepare personnel for our combine, and to create on the base of the combine and institutions with a system of education for young specialists. We want the best the staff was prepared for us under the requirements of the production - from student of the bench to the combine," says Director of "ZTMC" Vladimir Sivak.
Government service of employment in city Zaporozhye and Zaporozhye regional administration became the partners of project.

– The project ZTMC training is an excellent socially-oriented initiative, – believes Alexander Basi, Deputy Director of the Department of education and science head of Department of vocational and higher education and personnel of the Department of education and science of Zaporozhye regional administration. – Education will no longer be detached from reality and will be practically oriented. This will benefit the employer and the graduate, and the state: the combine will have a professional staff, youth jobs at one of the leading enterprises of Zaporozhye state optimal model of cooperation between business and educational institutions.