In 2014 ZTMC Increased Production Of Deeper Redistribution - Titanium Ingots

Zaporozhye titanium and magnesium combine, included in the titanium business Group DF for 2014 increased production of deeper redistribution - titanium ingots up to 207 tons (3 times more than in the previous year).

– Production of titanium ingots products deeper redistribution from high income countries is one of the priority directions in the activity of the combine. Therefore, we will strive to further increase production of titanium ingots and alloys. Today the specialists of the works continue further development of technology for the smelting of various ingots, and also carry out work on the modernization of equipment,  commented Director of "ZTMC" Vladimir Sivak.

On a combine technology of production of the alloyed alloys is mastered, including titan with an aluminium and with oxygen, which, in obedience to marketings researches, are in most demand for users.

At the same time production of titan of spongy and titanic slag volumes grew in 2014 short. More than 7,2 thousand of tons of titan is for a year produced spongy (in 2013 are almost 9,4 thousands of tons) and more than 32,6 thousand of tons of titanic slag (in 2013 are more than 35,6 tons).The decline of production of goods of the first redistribution volumes happened as a result of limitation of powers and emergency disconnecting of electric power at the end of 2014, power resources related to the arising up in Ukraine deficit. In addition, in December an enterprise began major repairs of ore-thermal furnace №2, smelting of titanic slag is carried out in which.

In the past year of management effort were directed above all things on the decision of questions of providing of stable work of enterprise and implementation of the planned major repairs of basic and auxiliary equipment. As a result «ZTMC» executed all contract obligations before contractors.