The Station of Clearing of Drinking Water is Put Into an Operation

Leaders of combine and his structural subdivisions, solemnly putting the station of clearing of water into an operation, the first was estimate taste qualities of new for our enterprise products. Water is good!

Vacation of a finish water is produced shops and subdivisions of combine in obedience to the ratified chart. In addition, in accordance with an order, an export and bearing-out of a finish drinking water outside a combine are forbidden.

Question about organization of providing of workers of combine by a high-quality drinking water before repeatedly the employees of all shops of our enterprise lifted on collections. The same request to administration of "ZTMC" Ltd. sounded at conference on the acceptance of collective agreement on 2015. Now this problem is fully taken off from an order paper.

Water, a few stages of cleaning pass at the station - mechanical, through a coal filter and membrane of reverse osmose. To the word, processes of water treatment through similar membranes under the action of one times.

- On the stage of cleaning three filters, their task, are used is preparation of water for her passing through the membrane of reverse osmose, - Redka Maria tells that works with this system. - the First mechanical filter purges water from uncut-in particles, deletes a blight, sand and other mechanical admixtures. Further a coal filter purges water from chemical and organic admixtures - first from a chlorine and his connections, and also pesticides, heavy metals, cut-in iron, another organic and inorganic substances. Further water follows through the last mechanical filter - he deletes mechanical admixtures measuring less one micron.

- On the second stage basic water treatment is produced back by an osmotic membrane. Clearing of water takes place at filtration through one or a few artificial porous membranes allowing through itself only the molecules of water. Thus, we get clean water entering story capacities purely, and separately is water solution of enhanceable closeness, that meets in the drainage system. To recover important for an organism microelements in clean water, such as magnesium, natrium, calcium, - on an exit from a story capacity a mineralizer enters into work. After enriching of water minerals she passes through another coal filter, exposed to rays by an ultraviolet, clearing up the same from bacteria, and then goes to the overflow.

Water is contained in two story capacities containing for two cu.m.s each. A liquid from them is used not only for an overflow but also on washing of bottles. Practically all processes at the station of water treatment are automated and require minimum intervention from an operator. So, for night in a story capacity takes two cu.m.s of the cleared water. Setting is able to fill with drinkable water 60 large bottles by a capacity 20 litres during one hour. And inflexibility of water we measure regularly.

For preparation of dishes in service of organization of feed, and also for basic shops and other large subdivisions distinguished on one tank, by a capacity a 1 m cube. In all for the needs of combine of them five things are purchased. They are filled with drinkable water next to the station of cleaning outside, not taking off from the basket of car, through the special hose. In addition, subdivisions of "ZTMC" got 20-with a capacity of one the liter removable capacities. The cleared water in them spills directly at the station, the amount of delivery of such capacities on shop depends on the quantity of worker.