Workers of Combine Marked the Professional Holiday in Recreation of "ZALK" Centre

The director of combine Vladimir Sivak and chairman of trade-union committee Ludmila Logvinova congratulated the workers of "ZTMC" Ltd. warm. The honoured guests are a deputy of director of Department of industry and development of infrastructure of Zaporozhye regional state administration Roman Pisarev, deputy of the Zaporozhye regional soviet, is a permanent presiding of the Zaporozhye regional soviet commissioner on questions of ecology and rational natural use Oleg Skvirskij, chief executive of Zaporozhye regional Federation employers Stanislav Оstapenko, deputy municipal heads on questions of activity of executive branches of advice Aleksej Borodaj, vice-chairman of district administration of the Zaporozhye town council on the Plant district Sergey Melnik, managing a department organizational and into trade-union work of the Zaporozhye regional committee of trade Union of Metallurgists and Miners of Ukraine.

Alexander Velichko handed rewards to the best workers of combine. For long-term conscientious labour, high professionalism, the ponderable personal contribution to development of the Zaporozhye region and successes with implementation of productive tasks the deed of Zaporozhye regional state administration is marked worker of stove of shop №7 Evgenij Mishenko. Gratitude of Zaporozhye regional state administration is declared to the chief of area of shop №9 to Nikolay Ulko, locksmith of shop №10 to Vladimir Panasovich, dosimetria of shop №14 Lubov Mironenko, rescuer from gas of shop №20 to Dmitryj Fedorov. The deeds of the Zaporozhye regional soviet got locksmith-repairer of shop №2 Dmitry Bondarenko, worker of stove of shop №7 Yuriy Skovorodko, technician of shop №17 Galina Chajka. Recipients of an award the diploma of Advice of Federation of employers of Ukraine senior master of shop №12 Sergey Mashenko, fitter of shop №23 Vadim Grunin, depchief of productively technological department, is a main metallurgist Igor Overchenko. Also the diplomas of executive committee of the city Zaporozhye council handed the best workers of our combine, To combine district administration, "ZTMC" Ltd. Alexandr Velichko and Ludmila Logvinova rewarded the trade-union activists of combine. So, "For active work " recipient of an award Sign of the Central committee of the Trade-union committee a chairman of Advice of veterans of combine of Eleanora Muravjeva, chief of bureau of the technical state of equipment of department of labour protection, is a presiding commissioner on a labour of trade-union committee of combine protection Sergey Zaichko got the diplom of the Trade-union committee shop №2 to Sergey Standartuk and shop№7 - the deeds of trade-union commette "ZTMC" Ltd. handed Sergey Sisuk and Sergey Ribalko. The youth leaders of combine on the folded kind tradition laid flowers to the monument of metallurgist. This honour of firing of shop №7 to Oksana Kurskih, to master of shop №12 to Yegor Burja, locksmith of management of transport to Evgenij Chernakov and senior power engineering specialist of department of main power engineering specialist to Nadezhda Fedorova. Special words of gratitude in an address workers of combine sounded in this evening from second in the command of 9th regiment of the operative setting of the National household troops of Ukraine - lieutenant colonel Yaroslav Кalashnik. He arrived on a holiday straight with front-rank in a zone of Anti Terrorist Operation on Donbas, where the fighters of the subdivision entrusted to him with honour carry service. Yaroslav Aleksandrovich on behalf of commander of regiment - a colonel Alexander Xоmenko was thanked by the labour collective of ZTMC for a help and support to the warriors - to the defenders of Ukraine. In a hall on invitation of guidance of combine present legend of ZTMC is Hero of Social labour, escort of two orders Lenina, orders of Labour Red Banner, Deserved metallurgist of Ukraine Vladimir Jakovlevich Bogma. As a token of deep respect and sincere gratitude from the present generation of employees of combine a large nosegay was presented him. Upon completion of solemn part of employees of combine expected a surprise – concert prominent figures of arts. In the program the finalists of the second season of show came forward "all Dance" - one of romantic and touching pairs of project of Sergej Zmejok and Catherina Buxtijarova, artiste of Dnepropetrovsk state philharmonic society Elena Ledovskaja, participants of show of "Ukraine has talent" is artists of the Kharkov studio "Stand of Storm", magician Dmitry Smaga, duet "Crazy boy", stars of the professional dancing stage is artists of club sport ballroom dances "Grande", finalists of past season of show a "Х-factor" is a show-group "extreme". And, certainly, the bright performance was presented to the audience by an already favourite humour contest club of combine. A holiday came to an end a stand-up meal and dancing program. Workers confirmed that difficult times had been before, but overcame their joint work based on respect and mutual understanding. So, it will be always! Day of metallurgist - 2015 traditionally on ZTMC marked from all soul.