II the Technical Conference of Young Specialists of "ZTMC" Ltd. Summed Up

This year in her over 120 workers took part from 25 structural subdivisions of our combine. For comparison - 53 speakers came forward in 2014. And it is a yet not limit. Service of personnel will in future develop technical work and assist to development of our combine.

The participants of the final stage of conference protected the works before profile commissions chaired by the chiefs of productions, managements, services, main specialists of combine. Employees took part in-process six sections, and their subjects were various. At the estimation of lectures their actuality and meaningfulness, originality of decision, level of automation of processes, importance of research results for a combine, calculation of economic effect, introduction or approbation of job performances and other criteria was taken into account.

Sectional commissions, hearing the lectures of participants and answers for questions, counted up the points of every young scientist and rationalizer. And places were distributed so.

In a section 1 "Development and introduction of technical decisions in a titanic-magnesium production" the third place was conquered by the engineer-designer of project designer department Alexander Krivous, the second place appeared for masters of shop №2 Pavel Hohlov and Igor Zaloga, and the best work of pot operator of shop №7 Alexand Gladkij and Roman Vasilenko.

In a section 2 "Increase of efficiency and reliability of mechanical equipment, to energy efficiency on a production" prizewinners were become: leading engineer of technical management Mihail Grechka is the third place, and also employees of workshop №11 are electricians Ruslan Culin and Aleksej Rabchenko,electrical fitter Yuriy Borishpolets are the second place. A winner in a section became engineer-designer of project designer department Galina Тurchina.

In a section 3 "Management of quality and technical control. Laboratory control. High points were got by the laboratory engineers-assistants of shop №17 Svetlana Bugaj (third place) and Maria Begunova (second place), and an absolute leader in a section became specialist on standardization, certification and quality Department of Management of Quality and Standardization Olga Zhukova.

In a section 4 labour and environment" "Protection the third place was got by gas rescue ofshop №20 Vladimir Sulaev, the second place appeared for the employees of department of labour protection - leading an engineer Ivan Cravtsov and specialist Michail Мishin. And first place was taken the by the workers of shop №2 is master Vadim Bogush and worker of stoves Vitaliy Bort.

In a section 5 "Improvement of processes : supplies, production and economy of combine" of excellent results distribution was obtained: economist of Center of the information-calculating and programmatic providing Alina Britan is the third place; workers of management of supply are a leading engineer Elena Mets, engineers Maxim Rudenko and Andrey Zhukov, getting the second place, and appeared a winner leading economist of department of planning and budgeting Тatjana Оbidenova.

In a section 6 "Management by a personnel as an instrument of achievement of aims of enterprise" the two best lectures are certain, the authors of that it was been a manager of management of sale Dmitry Braginets is the second place, and engineer of department of organization of labour and salary Irina Homutova is the first place.

All winners and prizewinners of technical conference in a solemn situation were rewarded by diplomas and money bonuses.