A Situation is Stable, Prognosis - Favourable

On the extended meeting of trade -union committee of combine summed up implementation of collective agreement between a labour collective and administration of "ZTMC"Ltd.for the first half-year 2015 year.

In his work the chairman of trade union Ljudmila Logvinova, deputy of director, took part on a management by a personnel and to social development of Ludmila Vasilega, chief productively technological department Vasiliy Zinchenko, chief of department of labour protection Alexander Хoptinets, chief of department of organization of labour and salary Yuriy Romanichenko and also main legal inspector of labour trade Union of Metallurgists and Miners of Ukraine on the Zaporozhye area Victor Sherbak.

Balances of the work of combine for period covered as compared to the first half-year show the last year,that position of combine is stable.

Vasiliy Zinchenko reported about the results of industrial and economic activity and development of production. A corresponding division is envisaged in a collective agreement and, mainly, all his points are executed.

Employment of industrial capacity for the first half-year 2015 year made: on the production of titan spongy - 85,82%; slag titanic - 62,11%. Gross production of titan volume spongy made hardly more than 100% from pre-arranged, productions of slag titanic - 111,8%. Plan on the grade of titan spongy superfine executed on 75,78%.

In comparable prices the volume of the produced products appeared on 29,5% more than last year. Production of titan volume spongy for six months 2015 year in natural indexes increased on 42,6% as compared to an analogical period 2014 year. Efficiency of employment of industrial capacity increased on 25,2%.

Chief Productively Technical Department informed also, that in the shops of "ZTMC"Ltd. meeting of labour collectives passed with the leaders of combine, the economic state of our enterprise, questions of social sphere, labour and productive discipline, came into question during that.

Ljudmila Vasilega summed up implementation of division of "Guarantee to the workers in case of change of organization of labour, pattern of ownership. Providing of productive employment". All points of this division are executed.

Including, teaching projects continue work: "School of masters", "School of leadership", seminars on an exchange by knowledge. Regularly held competition professional mastery with the subsequent educating for the removal of vacancies in knowledge. The workers of different services took part in commissions on distribution in Higher educational establishments in a state attestation commission professionally technical educational establishments. The specialists of combine are conduct masterclases "Introduction to the profession" in three Zaporozhye Higher educational establishments. Regularly for the employees of "ZTMC"Ltd. express seminars are conducted. Within the framework of project of the dual professional departmental teaching students the Zaporozhye professional metallurgical lyceum, Zaporozhye higher industrially polytechnic school and Zaporozhye professional lyceum of railway transport master the professions of turner, electrician, locksmith-repairer, machinist of faucet on our combine.

Ljudmila Victorovna marked that all points of division "Payment and setting of norms of labour" are executed. Size of tariff rate of the working first digit with the normal terms of labour industrial and not industrial groups 153,6% makes to the minimum wage, and it on 48,6% of the higher set minimum. The minimum and maximal coefficients of correlations of monthly post salaries of leaders, professionals are maintained, specialists and office workers to the post salary of technician without a category. The height of salary is marked for the first half of year. It was assisted by the increase of tariffs and salaries to the workers of Society, extra charge to the workers of raises for intensity of labour and other factors.

It is worked out and put in an operation new position "About organization of labour competition of brigades of basic productive areas of shops №2 and №7". It is called to provide the increase of efficiency of labour of collective of brigade at the decision of productive tasks, development of personality descriptions and level of competence of workers, transparency at distribution and extra charge of encouragement to the workers of brigades.

In a division, regulative labour relations, mode of labour and rest, all points were too executed. Ljudmila Vasilega specified that in spite of sticky wicket in the economy of Ukraine, the positive factor of work of combine still is absence of charts of the shift system with an incomplete worker by time and, accordingly, payment to proportionally exhaust time. However coming to decide the question of effective organization of labour, distribution and placing of workers, as with the increase of quantity industrially manufacturing staff time exhaust the employees of Society at the weekend increased for the first half-year, and also overtime.

Alexandr Хоptinets accounted about the state of implementation of points of division, regulating the terms of guard and safety of labour. Participating of workers "ZTMC"Ltd. in sport events a sportsman exposed in the report instructor of sport club Andrey Lubin. About the state of businesses in Advice of veterans of combine told his chairman Eleanora Muraveva.

Ljudmila Logvinova in the report on the course of performance of points of division the "Social privileges and guarantees, social security, organization of making healthy and rest of worker" accented attention, that in a present year, financing is stopped Fund of social security of activity of health-resorts of Ukraine, however "ZTMC"Ltd. continues to provide funds on maintenance of own sanatorium of preventive clinic and grant on making healthy in him workers of our combine. Also in summer worker combine and the members of their families have the opportunity to rest on a base "Energodar" in Кirillovka, and children of workers - in the Berdjansk child's health center "Carnation". In addition, the workers of combine got possibility of passing of physical therapy procedures in the policlinic of "ZTMC"Ltd.

Administration of combine in good time and in full distinguishes to trade-union on the fund of 0,5% means on in a civilized manner mass, athletic work and making healthy. Also in the first half-year 2015 year without a hitch facilities were enumerated on realization organizationally of regulation activity of trade-union committee. However, as Ludmila Logvinova marked, money for satisfaction of statements of especially needing workers is however enough, therefore payments stay too long sometimes.

In full met engagements administration before Advice of veterans. Facilities are monthly enumerated for realization of cash disbursements to the pensioners and veterans of labour, being in an account in veteran organization of combine.

On completion of reports leaders answered the questions of representatives of labour collectives of our enterprise on brigadier payments, providing, her quality the special clothing, and other.

Hearing and discussing to information of members of constantly operating commission on preparation and realization of collective agreement on 2015, the extended meeting of trade-union committee decreeed: work of administration and trade-union committee of "ZTMC" Ltd. on implementation of events of collective agreement for the first half-year 2015 year to confess satisfactory. Act of commission - to confirm.