We Fasten a Collective Tourist Slough-Offs!

Sport club of combine together with the club of extreme types of sport "Horizon" at support of administration and trade-union committee of combine within the framework XV of Sports and athletics meeting of "ZTMC"Ltd. organized and conducted for workers on an island Khortytsja the Second tourist gathering.

This year an event took place on a tourist beach. After equipping with modern amenities of bivouacs, inauguration of the tourist gathering and drawing of commands, participants were invited on the start of competitions. They were begun with passing by the commands of stripe of obstacles, consisting of such stages, : ferriage, ferriage on a log, sport getting-lowering, ferriage on a type "pendulum", ferriage on parallel rails and carrying from place to place of victim. To the present year organizers added another stage - ferriage of "hummock-pole". In general, workers ran into those types of obstacles that meet to the tourists on bogs, in mountains, canyons and other unusual to the city-dwellers places of.

Success with passing of distance depended not only on speed of reaction, adroitness, real time of overcoming of stripe of obstacles, but also from practical application of knowledge, providing safety of tourist. Novices did not do without errors, but every participant fought to the end, and in the total better than all the command of management of combine, sport club and department of technical control pulled off - her time appeared 15 minutes 21 second.

Then after a short interruption for workers events in that they were able maximally to show the love to the environment, artistically designer, culinary capabilities, creative approach, began in the decision of row of tasks. The question is about the competitions of bivouac, photo of newspaper, tourist dinner, and also tourist song, kindling of fire. Here nobody lay up. Every command tried as good as possible to present the bivouac, dinner, vaudeville songs with replacement of words for accordance to the tourist subjects, and also marching bard compositions of.

In opinion of judges, better than all bivouacs were equipped at shops №12 and №20 - these commands got two first places. And the combined team of management of transport and shop №23 was confessed by the best from the best in the competition of photo newspapers and tourist dinner of.

The competition of kindling of fire appeared one of interesting and venturesome. Within the framework of tourist slough-offs - 2015 a winner that, who quicker will boil water in a canning jar was considered. To the word, same the "energy effective" a fire appeared for the workers of shop №7 - they expended on boiling of water only 3 minutes 40 seconds and got the first place of.

After a while all gathered near a staff tent on the evening program that the workers of combine prepared for itself. This was the competition of tourist song. The participants of competitions came forward whole commands and many interesting compositions presented to the judges. Especially well the combined team of shops №tried 11 and №9, carrying out a song under the sounds of, accompaniment of guitar and lip accordion, with smiles and dances, deservedly conquering the first place the same.

On results all creative competitions and sport contests judges declared the prizewinners of the tourist gathering. It was appeared by them command of shop №20, taking the third place, and also the combined team of management of combine, sport club and department of technical control, becoming the second in the general rating. And laurels of absolute championship were reached to the combined team of management of transport and shop №23. These commands were got by deeds and money bonuses, and winners, in addition, were the recipients of an award a challenge cup.

The organizing committee of the tourist gathering expresses gratitude to the chiefs of shops and departments of combine, chairmen of shops of combine for the personal participation, support and effective work on rallying of collective. Let the same warm events in future collect employees in the close domestic circle of our labour collective!