The Workers of Titanium and Magnesium Combine and "Zaporizhstal" Exchanged Experience

The serious landing is one and a half ten of top-managers and main specialists at the head with a director by Vladimir Sivak - pointed the Zaporozhye titanium and magnesium combine at the friendly enterprise of PC "The Zaporozhye metallurgical combine "Zaporizhstal" for strengthening of professional connections and exchange advanced experience.

Our delegation cordially met and conducted on productive shops main engineer of "Zaporizstal" Vladimir Burak. He showed a high furnace №4 in a domain shop - recently reconstructed, as a result extrass in atmospheric air it was succeeded to bring down to the European norms. Then acquainted the representatives of ZTMC with the new line of hydrochloric-acid treatment in the shop of the cold rolling. Here, after introduction of line to exploitation, practically eliminated harmful flows to Dnepr. Then an excursion passed on a breakdown shop and shop of the hot rolling thin dog-fox.

Today structural transformations are very noticeable on an enterprise. Investments are inlaid in serious projects. An owner understands very exactly, that investments are necessary to be inlaid in modernisation of production - and all these projects must be taking into account the requirements of norms of ecology.

The representatives of ZTMC were interested by going of Zaporizhstal near the decision of tasks on introduction of energy-saving technologies, realization of protecting ecology events, modernisation of operating equipment.

Telling about the strategic plans of the enterprise, the main engineer of "Zaporizhstal" marked that the question was about creation practically of new enterprise, where an oxygen-converter shop and two casting-rental modules will be. A new production along with upgrading and volumes of products will provide more effective.

Professionals - the metallurgists of both enterprises confirmed that aimed at implementation vitally important for the habitants of Zaporozhhye and country on the whole tasks. defense of environment.

An aim for us is general. We live and work in one city - in Zaporozhye. ZTMC and "Zaporizhstal" are on territory of city. So, we need to interchange experience, to co-ordinate the decisions of those tasks that life every day puts before us, - comments a visit on "Zaporizhstal" director of "ZTMC" Ltd. Vladimir Sivak - in a prospect we activate the process of intermingling with colleagues.