Mission Of Help And Nobleness

The workers of our combine are distinguished by such human qualities as sympathy and personal involvement. And in this dim, anxious time they stretch out the hand of help to those, who sharply her needs. It, certainly, first of all children and people that appeared will of fate far from a native house. During the last month’s workers of combine collected the things of daily necessity, toys and other great deal for helping.

Part of the assorted things was driven on Central storage for refugees from the zone of Anti Terroristic Operations. Games, toys and great number of sweetnesses, were delivered to the Kirovskij house of invalids by the representatives of Advice of young people of "ZTMC" Ltd.: by the engineer of ССOaCS by Bogdan Chhaidze and inspector View room by Catherine Bondjuk. Gladnesses there was not a limit" gifts, - Bogdan Chhaidze shares the impressions.

Sweetnesses were caused to bake our workers ofshop of feed. They already not first time show such initiative - before a cookie went away to the fighters of the National household troops. As marks Valentina Stangrit, chief of service of organization of feed:

– We consider it our debt - to make happy kids and bring in a feasible contribution to such good cause.