ZTMC inlays 19,5 million hryvnias in project on improvement of quality of titanic sponge for going into markets of aerospace products

The “Zaporozhye titanium and magnesium combine”, included in titanic business of Group DF, began realization of the wide-range investment program sent to the conclusion of titanic products of combine to the markets of space products.

An enterprise inlaid 19,5 million hryvnias in Project on building of the special setting of mixer of spongy titan. Setting allows fully automatizing the process of mixing of parties of spongy titan of different factions and promotes homogeneity of chemical composition of parties of the prepared products.

"Introduction of setting mixer of spongy titan - it one of steps enterprises that is sent to the improvement of quality of the prepared products, and as a result is expansion of assortment of the prepared products and receipt of new customers. Due to the increase of technical level of production and passing to producing of commodity parties that are used for the aerospace sector of engineer, we try to go out to the new growing high marginal markets of aerospace products, on that to this ZTMC it never was. Setting of mixer of spongy titan will start this year and will allow to process shredded titanic sponges in commodity parties with the improved homogeneity, in other words more high quality, that is first of all required by the companies of aerospace industry. To the end of current year we plan fully to realize this project and show out the renewed equipment on an operating condition", - the director of “ZTMC” Vladimir Sivak comments.

A project on building of the special setting of mixer of spongy titan was worked out in May 2015, and work on building of setting were begun in June 2015.

A decision that successfully works on Kazakh "Ust Kamenogorskom titanium and magnesium combine" is fixed in basis of project.

The new setting (special mixer USTG-6000А) is worked out and made to order of enterprise on PC "Betonmash". Mixer is the automated mixer drum for mechanical interfusion of the crushed spongy titan that is made from stainless steel and equipped by the special mixing blades. In addition, setting will allow to conduct the automatic sampling for control of quality and gives an opportunity to pack up products in a technological container.

During realization of project the row of the special technological grounds was equipped, a new is bought in and an existent equipment is modernized, lined up all auxiliary infrastructure. Now a project is on the final stage are technological grounds and 90 % basic equipment, including mixer, made and mounted.

According to a business plan, in November of this year starting-up and adjustment works and introduction of setting begin in an operating productive chainlet.

Also, within the framework of the program sent to the conclusion of titanic products of combine to the markets of aerospace products, on ZTMC the certification audit of the system of management of quality is conducted on accordance to the requirements of international standard of EN 9100 : 2009 "Series of aerospace standards. Systems of management of quality. Requirements" (on the basis of ISO 9001 : 2008).

On the estimations of Group DF a global market consumes the 160-170 thousand tons of titanic sponge in a year and estimated in 1,5-2 milliards of dollars of the USA. Aerospace industry and other industries of industry consume about 80-87% of all producible in the world sponge. Aerospace industry (case-insensitive military industry) consumes from 50 to 60 thousand tons, with the average annual rate of height of 5-6%.