"ZTMC" Ltd. And "Institute Of Mining And Chemical Industry" Began To Design The Reconstruction Of Three Areas Of Combine

"ZTMC" Ltd, included in titanic business of Group DF and "Institute of mining and chemical industry" was concluded agreement on implementation in 2016 of project finding works on a lump sum almost in 33 million hryvnias. On the prisoner of agreement, project works will be on next productive areas: reconstruction of area of production of titan spongy, a reconstruction of area of electrolysis of magnesium is an area of knocking out of blocks of shop of production of titan spongy.

"Planning is begun, successful completion of these projects in the set terms is very important for a combine, because on it position of combine depends at the global market of aerospace titan, implementation of the put strategic tasks of enterprise" depends on it, - the director of  "ZTMC" Ltd. Vladimir Sivak comments.

Realization of the project works specified by a contract is part of Project on the reconstruction of basic technological redistributions (in particular, productions of titan spongy and magnesium-repairer for the receipt of sponge). Planning of future reconstruction an increase of production of titan volumes is the basis of spongy to 20 thousand t/ies.

Signing of contract with "Institute of mining and chemical industry" happened after realization of all necessary tender procedures that began in summer of 2015. During consideration of the documentation directed by the participants of tender, the winner offered the most advantageous terms of realization of planning, both on plenitude and on sufficientness of the designed objects and on the cost of executable works.

"Institute of mining and chemical industry" actively cooperates with "ZTMC" Ltd. since 2013 and already executes the row of different projects on the reconstruction of auxiliary productions and major repairs of objects of combine. In particular, the specialists of institute are already undertake special geological studies on the ground of building of new production of titanic slag; the project of account of water and service-utility flows of combine is worked out; repair of basic productive corps of shops №is designed 2, 7, 9, 10; the heating engineers of institute develop the project of new more effective boiler room of combine; an institute conducts project works on creation of sanitary gas purification of shop №2.