Museums Exchanged Experience

Within the framework of realization of the anniversary, events sanctified to the 80 year of ZTMC, on initiative of service of personnel on our combine first passed regional round table "Application of interactive forms and methods in activity of museum for the increase of loyalty of personnel and forming of corporate culture".

The employees of services of personnel and leaders of museums of industrial enterprises of Zaporоzhye and Dnepropetrovsk became participants round table : PJSC "Dneprospetsstal",PLSC  "Zaporozhye Ferroalloy plant ", PJSC "Zaporozhcoke", PJSC  "Evraz Dnepropetrovskij metallurgical plant of the name Petrovskogo", and also representatives of Department of culture, tourism, nationalities and religions of Zaporozhye regional state administration.

Important was that participants were able in a working situation to become acquainted with each other, exchange contacts and, certainly, experience of interactive forms and methods in activity of museum,: interesting ideas were realization of the municipal games with tasks, related to activity of enterprise, operating layouts of equipment and other great deal. In-process most museums preparation of materials became a modern tendency about the heroes of our time, workers of combine - participants of Аnti-Terrorist Operations.  It is stands with their photos and personal things, magazines with description of their labour on workplaces and battle way during service.

During round table guests were also able to become acquainted and with activity of "ZTMC" Ltd. The chief of technical department Alexander Оsipenko conducted an excursion on the melting area of shop №9 and to the central sewage treatment plants of shop №12, acquainting with the cathode-ray setting, technology of production of titanic bars and slab. Also guests took part in addition by living fish of one of the sludge lagoon of sewage treatment plants, producing in a reservoir with clean water of the crucian carp.

An excursion became the finishing stage round table directly in the productive museum of history of our combine. Participants with pleasure examined the standards of products, layouts of equipment, personal things and rewards of workers, and, certainly, did not go by an unique exhibit - bloom of titan spongy, first got on post-soviet union.

All gathering representatives of enterprises of Zaporozhye and Dnipropetrovsk estimated actuality of realization round table highly, and everybody drew something new for work of museum on the enterprise. A collaboration will proceed. Such exchange will help every museum experience to become the modern center of history and culture of the enterprise.