In "ZTMC" Ltd. Start An Experience Electrolyzer Of Bipolar Type

On a combine completed work on editing of an experience electrolyzer of the newest bipolar type in accordance with the worked out designer and project documentation. The "cold" starting and test of all his component parts is conducted.

The working personnel of shop, involved on experience works, passed educating on the specially worked out program, touching the questions of exploitation and technology of receipt of magnesium on an experience equipment.

Works are completed on preliminary starting of CAS of management by a technological process "Мagnesium-1". Instructing of personnel is conducted on exploitation of the system, and the system is prepared to work in the mode of installation and check-out phase of electrolyzer.

Presently on the area of electrolysis of magnesium of shop №7 the start of front-rank electrolyzer is produced. Debugging of his work and set of statistical technological data run hot at full speed. Specialists of shop and services of combine around the clock are on duty near the grandiose offspring of "ZTMC" Ltd.