To the Zaporozhye Titanium and Magnesium Combine - 80!

A momentous event is a 80year of native combine - workers on kind tradition marked in Recreation of "ZaLK" Centre. Together with the director of combine Vladimir Sivak and chairman of trade-union committee by Ludmila Logvinova, the workers of "ZTMC" Ltd. were congratulated by municipal head of Zaporozhye Vladimir Burjak, director general PJSC "Zaporozstal" Rostislav Shurma, deputy of director of department of industry and development of infrastructure of Zaporozhye regional state administration Roman Pisarev, chairman of the Central committee of trade Union Sergey Komishew, chairman of the Zaporozhye regional soviet of trade unions Victor Slasten, chairman of the Zaporozhye regional committee trade Union of Metallurgists and miners of Ukraine Valeriy Sedov, vice-president of the Zaporozhye regional union of industrialists and businessmen "Potential" Anatoliy Аntonenko, vice-chairman of district administration of the Zaporozhye town council on the Plant district Svetlana Voloshina. Arrived to felicitate on a coming holiday and a commander of 9th regiment of the operative setting of the National household troops of Ukraine is a colonel Alexandr Хоmenko.

For the large personal contribution to socio-economic development of the Zaporozhye edge, active work on the protection of rights and legal interests of workers and in connection with a 80year from the day of founding of “ZTMC” a director of combine Vladimir Sivak is a recipient of an award the diploma of Advice of Federation of employers of Ukraine. For long-term conscientious labour, high professionalism, a chief productive - technological department got personal contribution to development and height of industrial potential of combine, active public position the same high reward Vasilij Zinchenko. The diplomas of the Zaporozhye regional union of industrialists and businessmen handed "Potential" to the depchief of shop №20 to Mihail Steshenko and chief of the Central laboratory of combine to Nadezhda Semenova. In addition, for conscientious of many years labour, active work in trade Union on defence of economic interests of worker, creation of healthy and safe terms of labour, and also in connection with the 80year of “ZTMC” Vladimir Sivak and Ljudmila Logvinova are recipients of an award Sign of Central Committee of Trade Union of Metallurgists and Miners of Ukraine "For a ponderable contribution to development of social partnership".

The block of official congratulations and rewarding came to an end a solemn concert with participation the artists of television projects "Battle of galleries", "Ukraine has talent", "Х-factor", by the laureates of international competitions. They made happy a present person by musical, dancing and vocal numbers.

Among the honoured guests of holiday in a hall there was Hero of Social labour, escort of two orders Lenina, orders of Labour Red Banner, Deserved metallurgist of Ukraine, former brigadier of shop №2 Vladimir Jakovlevich Bogma. On kind tradition, as a token of deep respect and sincere gratitude from the present generation of employees of combine a large nosegay was presented him. Also there were former leaders of “ZTMC” - Vladimir Bakumenko and Vitalij Kuchuk in the number of invited.

But not only on a concert congratulated the employees of combine. Rewarding ceremonies proceeded on Decembers 23, directly in the anniversary birthday of our combine. Then Vladimir Sivak handed diplomas to the deserved workers of "ZTMC" Ltd, deed of Zaporozhye regional state administration, Zaporozhye town council, and Valery Sedov on combine rewarded many trade-union activists Signs of Central Committee of trade Union and diplomas. Also the best employees of our combine got the rewards in shops.