Production Veterans-Workers Gave a High Estimation to Technical And Technological Transformations

In composition representative delegation of profit : Hero of Socialistic labour Vladimir Jakovlevich Bogma, laureate of the State bonus of Union of Soviet Socialistic Republics, is an ex-chief of productive department of “ZTMC” Anatoliy Pavlovich Egorov, Deserved metallurgist of Ukraine is ex-master Area of Electrolysis of Magnesium Anatoliy Nikolaevich Iluhin, Deserved metallurgist of Ukraine, is an ex-chief of the stove area of shop №7 Victor Tikhonovich Zarochencev, ex-chief of Area of Electrolysis of Magnesium Fizuli Nazimovich Shihdjamalov, master Mikhail Aleksandrovich Klichkov, and also once leading engineer of technological bureau of shop №7 Nikolay Nikolaevich Bichko.

After the formal meeting with guidance of “ZTMC” in a hall for negotiations chiefs of Production and technical Department and shops №7 and №9 conducted for the guests of excursion on the productive areas entrusted to them. Production Veterans-workers were acquainted with the last achievements in area of introduction of NT and equipment on “ZTMC”.

Guests visited a shop №7 on the stove area №2 and on the area of electrolysis of magnesium, where with interest became familiar with our now-how - bipolar electrolyzer №13. Also veterans with admiration visited the melting area of shop №9. Computerization of management processes melting, inculcated by workers in technology of production, caused large interest and positive responses for them.

All innovations inculcated on the productive areas of “ZTMC”, guests actively discussed in an informal situation at the festive table that was covered for them by the hostesses of service of organization of feed of combine. Production Veterans-workers gave a high estimation to technical and technological transformations on an enterprise. Did not forget to praise mastery of cooks of combine.

In memory of visit and in honor of 80 year of “ZTMC” the director of combine Vladimir Sivak handed anniversary titanic memorable signs and souvenir products to the guests.