In 2015 ZTMC Increased The Production of Titanium Sponge on 7%

The Zaporozhye titanium and magnesium combine, included in titanic business of Group DF, in 2015 increased the production of basic goods - titanium sponge on 7 % from 7,2 to 7,7 thousand tons. Greater part of the produced titanium sponge (74,52%) was made by the products of superfine (brands of ТS- 90, 100, 110 and 120), that is actively used by world industrial consumers in such industries as an aerospace engineer, medicine, shipbuilding, instrument-making.

– In 2015 businessplan on the production of titanium sponge executed. Without regard to the bad state of affairs of world market of titan, an enterprise continued to inlay money in capital assets. It is done in an order to conform to the hardest requirements of global consumers of titanic products. Undoubtedly, passing of certification audit of the system of management of quality became the event of year on the so-called "aerospace" standard - EN 9100 : 2009, that will give an opportunity of “ZTMC” in the future to begin to sell the products to the largest world consumers, - the director of "ZTMC" Ltd. Vladimir Sivak commented. - We now passed to realization of the next stage of Program of going into new markets - we conduct the special certification for separate world producers. For example, we began a certification at one of the largest Chinese customers, as we consider China a very perspective for us market.

In connection with modernization of one of three ore-thermal furnace, in 2015 on a combine a production of goods of more subzero redistribution volume grew short - commodity titanic slag (from 32,6 there are to 27,1 thousand tons).

In 2015, an enterprise continued the program of modernization, reconstructions and updating of capital assets, conducted campaign major repairs in key shops. For a year, the volume of financing of works on a reconstruction made the almost 67 million hrn. Of Work on technical modernization of production of enterprise were sent to planning of new and reconstruction of existent productive objects, working off new technological processes.

On major repairs in 2015 a combine distinguished a more than 35 million hrn. Repairs were directed to on an increase reliability, efficiency and capacity of equipment, improvement of safety of production.