ZTMC Got a Right To Supply With a Titanium Sponge To The Largest Chinese Producer Of Aerospace Products - Company Baoji

"ZTMC" Ltd., included in titanium business of Group DF, became the so-called "skilled supplier" of titanium products to the largest Chinese company Baoji Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. (BAOTi). A combine got such status after completion of the special complex audit conducted by the authorized experts of BAOTi.

A company BAOTi (Baoji Titanium Industry Co., Ltd.) is the global player of world titanium market. A company occupies the second place in the world and first in China on volume producing of titanium products, is a direct supplier and contractor of such companies as Boeing, Airbus, Bombaer, Goodrich, Rolls - Royce, AUBERT & Duval, OTTO FUCHS, SNECMA. BAOTi is a public company the actions of that are quoted on the Shanghai exchange stock.

"The specialists of the Chinese company conducted an audit, that confirmed that titanium sponge, conduct on “ZTMC”, fully answered the standards of BAOTi and can be used without limitations in the production of goods of any application, including an aerospace production, - Vladimir Sivak, director of “ZTMC”, reported. - Public accountant verifications from large global producers are hard enough, as it is needed to execute many requirements. At the same time passing of similar certifications is very useful to the combine, as they compel an enterprise substantially to improve quality of products, going near a management and business processes. We intend to sell the products to the largest global vendors; therefore we plan and further to improve the standards of the work".

Similar audits from the large global customers of titanium products became possible after the receipt of "ZTMC" of certificate in accordance to the standard of EN 9100 : 2009 ("Series of aerospace standards. Systems of management of quality. Requirements") and registrations of "ZTMC" in the base of these suppliers of aerospace products of OASIS (Online Aerospace Supplier Information System). As a result, global companies began to call "ZTMC" with a request about realization of the certification. "ZTMC" already got a few requests on realization of audit from a few international players.

The program of exit of "ZTMC" to the markets of aerospace products was worked out in 2013 since at the end of 2012 entering in Group DF a company "Тоlexis Тrading Limited" won in a competition on the selection of non-state participants of LTD. "The Zaporozhye titanium and magnesium combine" and in 2013 49% got in the charter capital of enterprise. By agreement with State property fund of Ukraine, a company "Тоlexis Тrading Limited" invested 110 mill. dollars of the USA in development of enterprise. Thus, "ZTMC" got the financial providing for realization of strategic plans, including on going into the new markets of aerospace products.

On the estimations of Group DF, the global market of titanium products consumes the 160-170 thousand tons of titanium sponge in a year and estimated in 1,5-2 milliards of dollars of the USA.

Within the framework of realization of the program sent to going on "ZTMC" into the markets of aerospace products, an enterprise already inlaid a 19,5 million hrn. in realization of the special project on building of productive complex of blending titanium sponge. It allowed to the enterprise to get titanium sponge higher qualities.